Reasons Why I’m Excited About Nintendo’s Switch

    When it comes to 8th-gen gaming, it’s quite a simple picture; Sony’s PlayStation 4 has cemented itself as the obvious console of choice – a fact that is undisputed by gamers from around the world. However, the battle between Microsoft and Sony is hardly over, you could argue that it’s just beginning in one way or another; this is because the two companies are entering the 4K arena with the PS4 Pro and XBOX Scorpio. Whilst exciting, another Japanese console manufacture wanted to get involved, hence the Nintendo Switch. This article takes a look at why I’m excited. Let’s begin.


    If you want to understand what generates sales, provides amazing and flawless entertainment, then your best bet is to look towards Sony and the PlayStation 4. It would make sense that Nintendo would be carefully monitoring the on-going war between the two elite companies – Sony and Microsoft. You can just imagine a variety of the questions that were asked at Nintendo HQ when planning out their new console, such as the following four:

    • Should we produce a 4K compatible machine?
    • What will make our console different?
    • Will 1080p be enough in a world that is heading gradually towards 4x this very resolution?
    • How much should it retail for?

    The outcome was the Switch, a console that is portable and allows you to enjoy gaming in a variety of scenarios. It’s very different from what Sony and Microsoft are currently offering, and this should be considered a bad thing. Yes, many fans were crying out for a 4K machine that would be, at bare minim, as powerful as the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. In reality, this was always unlikely to happen, it’s just not Nintendo.

    Nintendo is a company that believes in producing many amazing exclusive titles of which deliver a colourful, cheerful and entertaining experience. After all, it’s hard to find a comparable franchise such as Mario, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong.

    Options are now open for current console owners – Should you get on board with virtual reality, wait for 4K, or stall until Nintendo’s Switch releases. Those who have plenty of time and funds might choose to own all three consoles, but for most, this isn’t an ideal solution. Of course, loyal fans will stick with their brand of choice, which is totally understandable. But for those who are open to suggestion, pairing either the PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio with the Nintendo Switch makes sense – that’s if you enjoy what Nintendo has to provide.

    Both the PS4 and Xbox One are capable of attracting blockbuster titles, so do we really need another console that is able to do the same? Not really. Nintendo will be totally different, perhaps refreshing. Yes, this new system will have the ability to cater for your elite franchises such as Call of Duty, but the real attraction is Nintendo’s exclusives – which are guaranteed to be amazing.

    I believe certain PS4 and Xbox One fans will consider the Nintendo Switch as their secondly console of choice.

    Another possible advantage to the Switch is how easy it is to travel with. Most hardcore gamers wont probably be interested by this, and will probably point out that their smartphones offer this type of availability. However, from what we’ve seen, I’d sooner take the Nintendo Switch on an 8-hour flight than any other device currently available.


    To conclude, Nintendo’s Switch is going to be very different from what is currently available, focusing on portability and exclusives. The Japanese giant wants to offer a real alternative to the PS4 and Xbox One, but not in the way of power or resolution, whilst also producing some of the finest exclusives. Yes, we still have much more to learn about the Switch, but with the fundamental details out in the open, things are seemingly clear as to what Nintendo is attempting to achieve.

    Are you excited, or perhaps disappointed? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments further down this page.


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