October 2016: Game Releases, The Review Round-Up

    No matter which gaming platform you prefer, October of 2016 brought some remarkable games to the table. Take a look at some of the titles that found their way onto our list of preferred offerings for the month.

    Battlefield 1


    In this first-person shooter, players face the harsh realities of war during the World War I era— a time of bayonets and blood. With the ability to drive a variety of vehicles, Battlefield 1 brings to perfect blend to a FPS title. Furthermore, the visuals are outstanding. The game tells various war stories, each one ferociously action-packed and stunningly realistic, with an overarching theme that emphasizes the horror of war. EA has achieved fine results with Battlefield 1, it’s a masterpiece.

    Titanfall 2


    Gamers are praising the fluid movements and unique battle possibilities in “Titanfall 2.” All the passageways, hollows, cliffs, and open spaces of the game are nothing but launch points for new combo moves and parkour-style leaps and runs. Defense and offense take on a whole new meaning as you and your Titan make your way through the several hours of gameplay that this title provides.

    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI


    Turn-based strategy games still have a place in the console gaming world, and Sid Meier’s “Civilization VI” is near the top of the list of the best titles. Craft your civilization, learn all the unique functions of your buildings, decide where to invest your energy and resources, and build an empire that can stand against time and enemies. This latest chapter in the game series includes unique features that lend it new levels of fascination for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

    Farming Simulator 17


    Rumble over the earth of your very own farm on a lifelike farming vehicle, hire hands to help you out, and discover how diversifying your crops, herds, and activities can improve the overall productivity and health of your farm. For the first time, Farming Simulator 17 introduces female characters. You’ll also find plenty of additional features, fresh visual effects, new tractors, and more.

    Batman: Return to Arkham


    The Dark Knight is back, with a notable improvement in graphics quality, although the dark, moody atmosphere of the game isn’t as intense as that of its predecessors. A few small performance issues keep the game from being totally smooth, but it’s an excellent remastered edition overall, well worth playing through.

    Gears of War 4


    Gears of War 4 sticks with its tried-and-true formula, providing a powerful single-player campaign and some exciting twists to the battle sequences. Face off against the monsters and enjoy the futuristic atmosphere, intense fighting style, occasional bits of humor, and visual beauty, with a hefty dose of gritty realism.

    Mafia III

    New Orleans Mafia 3

    Chafing for vengeance for his family’s death, Lincoln builds his own empire of crime within the City of New Orleans. Play as Lincoln and decide which strategies you want to use to develop your mob so that you can effectively challenge the Italian Mafia in the city. Action-packed, brutal, and packed with player choice options that change the storyline, “Mafia III” is addictive and absorbing.

    Which of these new or remastered games did you check out last month? Tell us what you liked or disliked in the comments.


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