PS4 vs. Xbox One – Which console will release the best games this year (2014)?

Sony and Microsoft have really become quite the competitors.  While the Nintendo empire is always a threat (and always seemingly popular with a certain demographic), it is the animosity between the PlayStation and Xbox franchises which most seem to be more interested in.  Naturally, it’s more or less an issue of which box has the most power and features (while remaining sturdy enough to handle the sort of routine abuse that consumers might throw at it).

However, the real question is “what about the software and games?”    In short, the PS4 and the Xbox ONE are both soon going to be stocked with a ton of great games, but ultimately it will end up being a matter of taste as to which ultimately emerges as the superior candidate.  In hindsight we’ll be able to compare sales statistics and other gathered data to figure out which games were the winners and losers, but in doing so we have to be careful not to undermine the efforts of the developers (all of which deserve a round of applause for creating the titles we know and love).

First off, let’s compare the two console’s offerings in terms of actual games which are already here or planned for immediate / subsequent release in 2014:

The PS4

The Xbox ONE

For all intents and purposes, both consoles appear to be nearly evenly matched as far as 2014 game releases are concerned.  Perhaps the PS4 slightly edges out the Xbox ONE however, if only in terms of offering just a few more titles as well as some truly intriguing offerings.  Standout and exclusive examples might include Infamous: Second Son, Driveclub and many others, quite a few which are actually found on both consoles.  Examples include, Watch Dogs, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny and several more choices.

Of course there are also many great Xbox ONE games on the way which should by no means be taken lightly.  Titanfall, “Halo”, and others will help drive people over to Microsoft’s side (in addition to the previously mentioned shared titles which are multi-platform).

All in all, the PlayStation 4 is likely to end up offering gamers the superior value in terms of its 2014 game releases, so try to take that into consideration if you’re going to be making a new console purchase soon. Moreover, you have to factor in that Sony is really trying to open the door for independent developers, so you never know what sorts of indie games you can expect to see emerge on the PSN this year.
Here’s to another great year of gaming, regardless of which console you prefer!

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