PS Plus Subscription – March 2020 freebies announced

    The predictions were incorrect (some were saying DOOM would go free this month), but we still got two nice games, nonetheless.

    Reddit users were predicting that DOOM 2016 would go free, with DOOM Eternal‘s release date closing in fast (March 20, 2020), but that is not the case, at least for this month. Sony posted on their blog, that they will be giving out to PS Plus users two games, from March 3 to April 6, which are:

    • Shadow of the Colossus
    • Sonic Forces

    The well-known all-time classic that induces nostalgia to everyone who played the original game back in the PS2 days, were you fought colossial-sized creatures with merely just a sword, a bow and your trusty horse, is back for players to experience on the PS4, since 2018, and Sony is giving the opportunity to every PS Plus subscriber to have a go at it, for everyone that missed it. For everyone that seeks the nostalgia of the good ol’ days or a good challenge that keeps them on the edge of their seats all the time or just simply want to experience a moving story, Shadow of the Colossus is definitely for you and you must not miss this great chance to claim your digital copy.

    Sonic has always been a very well-known character in the videogame industry. Ask around if they’re familiar with a videogame character that is a blue hedgehog that runs faster than Speedy Gonzales (always had that comparison in my head, don’t ask me why), the answer will (more than usually) be “yes”. After the movie’s recent success, Sony thought that it is a great chance to give the PS Plus subscribers the opportunity to experience a current-gen Sonic game that plays identically to the old games from the Sega Genesis days, from the modern comforts of their PS4 console. If you’re out looking for a platformer that reminds you of the old days or just want to play a recent Sonic game after you’ve watched the movie, this is your chance to go ahead to claim a digital copy, yours to keep forever afterwards.

    For further information and game trailers, you can do so by clicking here.

    The games we mentioned above will be available to claim for all PS Plus subscribers starting from March 3, 2020 until April 6, 2020. Don’t miss your chances and claim two great games! Gamerbolt will be covering the next month’s freebies as well, as fast as Sony announces them, so stay tuned!


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