Project Cars 2 Review

    Project Cars 2 has taken fans by complete storm; people are raving. Unfortunately, part of their shock stems from the disappointment many fans faced from its predecessor. Project Cars left much to be desired in the way of handling, gameplay, and track and car selections. Fans that were beyond eager for the release of the game were disappointed shortly after beginning to play it because of the many issues with handling and the limited car and track selection. The developers heard their complaints and made some incredibly positive changes to the gameplay, landing it in the elite group of games that have surpassed their predecessors. With a variety of highly anticipated racing games entering the arena shortly (GT Sport and Forza 7), racing games aren’t in short supply. In this review, we’ll be sure to cover everything that’s changed (and all for the better) and a review of the gameplay itself, without the comparison to its origin.

    More Options

    There’s very little more exciting to a gamer than finding a game with a wide selection and multiple customization options. Project Cars 2 is a game that definitely delivers in this department. They really broadened out the track selections and added a really awesome custom race feature for solo players that is also offline, meaning you can continue playing that if your internet connection falls through, not that that ever happens. The new customization feature allows you to choose your own track location, your own weather for that location, and so much more. That’s right, you can even race in the dessert during a blizzard if you wanted to. The options are virtually endless, making this game a great value; it’s like having a different racing game every time you play because you have so many track and car options. What’s more, visually speaking, the weather effects are amazing.

    The Handling and Gameplay Have Dramatically Improved

    As previously mentioned, one of the biggest complaints that players had about Project Cars 2’s predecessor was a major issue with the handling that massively effected gameplay. This has not only been rectified, but made phenomenal. The handling is now more realistic than ever, especially if your using the wheel, rather than the gamepad. However, that doesn’t mean the gamepad is lacking anything, because it’s not; it’s like a completely different game than its predecessor. The gameplay in using the gamepad is challenging and satisfying.

    Impressive New Features

    Some of the new features Project Cars 2 offers over its predecessor are amazing. They’ve added a career mode that offers you more freedom in choosing the exact team you want to play for in each series. You can customize a lot of the settings and make custom races, allowing you to play with different locations and different challenges. You could combine the toughest track with the most challenging weather to drive through and build yourself the ultimate training course to improve your skills. The best part is, the custom race option is also available offline, so if you lose internet connection, the game is still fun. You can have hours of fun just building new tracks and trying to beat them.

    Overall, Project Cars 2 is an excellent game that is a huge success. It has surpassed its predecessor and brought many former fans of Project Cars back to the game. The developers truly listened to the players’ complaints and definitely delivered in the sequel. The gameplay has improved, the handling has improved, and there’s so many tracks available and customizable options that it’s like getting a whole new game every time you want to play. This is one new game you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Get your copy of Project Cars 2 today and join in on all the fun.

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