Pizza Connection 3 – The Latest Title In This Business Sim Series

    Pizza Connection 3- a simulation and strategy game is now available on Linux operating systems and it comes with fresh strategies for gamers. The game was developed and released by Gentlymad, and it belongs to the business management/strategy genre. Though it is still in its early alpha phase, it is fast gaining momentum as one of the best games and will release on 14th March 2018.  The main goal for the successor of this Pizza Connection series is to develop modern trends such as the use of modern food trucks and delivery services into the game plan, for a successful running of the business organization.

    The Restaurants, city and other graphics

    Pizza Connection 3 has some well-known cities such as Paris and Rome, and the game involves the gamer running the new restaurants successfully especially with branches scattered around 7 different cities. Some of the most notable pizza restaurants in Paris include the one located by the Eiffel tower, as well as one located by the Coliseum in Rome. The Eiffel tower is not just included the game as a famous landmark to remind the player the city he is located, the houses of residents of the city have also been adapted to the stylish trend of the region.  The suitable background music included in this game also makes it so much fun and captivating.

    The residents of cities where the Pizza restaurants are located, do have their own daily routine within Pizza Connection 3, hence you will find the toddlers and teenagers attending schools while adults go to their workplaces. This routine is very important for the player to know because setting up a restaurant near a school, for instance, can help grow the business, especially among younger customers.

    As a player/business owner, you should keep in mind that not every customer will like the same type of pizza, teenagers, for instance, will love to have their pizzas with salami, while the high-class workers and business executives will love to have something of the higher standard. You will have to include these special needs in the features of each restaurant that you set up in the cities. Your Pizza restaurants must also have some stylish furniture such as rustic and luxury finishing. All the decisions, as regards the type of pizza served and the components of the restaurant’s set-up, must be determined by the individual player and the decision you make will determine how well you run the pizza restaurant.

    The Pizza Editor

    Pizza Connection 3 is not completed without mentioning the Pizza editor which each player must be used in the baking process. With the Pizza Editor, you can choose from a wide range of ingredient varieties, and these ingredients will determine the popularity of the pizzas among the customers. You will have virtual guests in this game, and they must taste your new recipe before you start selling to the public. You may be surprised to find some unusual ingredients such as grasshoppers and ants.

    The Business Simulation

    Pizza Connection 3 is incomplete without the business simulation process. In this part the player must recruit new staff, there is a job market for highly skilled labor as well as the one with cheap labor. You will need to create shift schedules, operational time frame, and you unlock new building floor plans, design your storage rooms, car park and much more.


    Pizza Connection 3 is for business-minded people and not for those who prefer the immersive action thrillers and adventure games. It is consistently thought-provoking, hence you need to make smart moves always if you don’t want the business to suffer.


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