Papa’s Sushiria Review

    Have you ever dreamt of working in a sushi restaurant? Neither have I. Yet still, I’m downright addicted to playing Papa’s Sushiria. It’s the latest release from Flipline Studios, and it includes their previous games’ best features and much, much more.

    The Setup

    In Papa’s Sushiria, you can play on Poki as Matt, Clover, or a completely custom character. After breaking Papa Louie’s favorite cat statue, you’re forced to work at his newest restaurant. There, you will take orders, cook rice, and build Cordon Bleu-worthy sushi rolls. Satisfied customers will pay extra cash, and you can spend that money on restaurant improvements.

    Day-to-Day Operations

    Working at Papa’s Sushiria is really fun. Takingorders is easy, because all you do is listen to the customer and jot down their order. At the cooking station, you will start to prepare the ingredients. Patrons can choose between brown and white rice. At the cooking midpoint, you will pour vinegar on the rice. When the rice cooker is finished, you can spread the rice onto nori or soy paper. Then, the real trouble (i.e. fun) begins.

    The bulk of your shifts will be spent at the building station, where you can spread toppings, fillings, and other goodies. This is where the depth and replay value of Papa’s Sushiria becomes apparent. There are nearly 150 different ingredients in the game. At the beginning, you’ll have access to a small portion of those vegetables, meats, and spices. But as you gain experience and serve many different customers, new ingredients will become available. Fillings include carrots, crab sticks, salmon, and snow peas. Tobiko, ginger miso sauce, and sesame seeds are just a few of the available toppings.

    Everything at the building station must be done manually. When you spread vegetables or sprinkle herbs onto the rice, you are in complete control. So, move carefully! Before eating the sushi roll, each customer will rank your food prep skills. If you earn top marks, you will be rewarded handsomely. Don’t expect a tip for preparing a sloppy dish.

    When the sushi roll is ready, there’s still one more step: make tea. In Papa’s Sushiria, you are the cashier, chef, and barista. Oddly enough, making tea is the hardest part of the process. That’s because the only way to achieve a perfect score is through immaculate timing. If you can pour milk and bubbles at the right moments, your tea will taste as good as your sushi.

    Other Games in the Game

    We haven’t even begun to discuss out-of-the-restaurant gameplay options. For instance, at the end of each shift, you can play one of Foodini’s mini-games. These separate, thoroughly entertaining adventures include everything from car racing to baseball. By winning a mini-game, you will earn prizes and bonus items. Also, the restaurant upgrade/furniture section is its own decoration game. On top of all of that, the character creation process is a full-featured dress-up game. When playing Papa’s Sushiria, you get to enjoy all those features in one place. Start your first shift at the restaurant, and you won’t regret it.


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