No Time for Actual Escape Rooms? Virtual Alternatives That Won’t Leave You Hanging

    Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular in the United States now. They first got noticed in Asia and some parts of Europe, and it is not so difficult to see why people there got hooked on them. The level of excitement and thrill that they bring is very stimulating.

    An escape room usually admits a group of people that are made to stay inside a themed room (Harry Potter, a war zone, etc.) where they have to solve puzzles and riddles to find clues that will lead them to their way out. They are to accomplish their mission within a limited amount of time.

    The mental demands of an escape room are among the many reasons it is so attractive to young people. You can visit Breakout Games in Atlanta to experience escape rooms first-hand. But if Atlanta is too far away, there is absolutely no need to be sad because there are a number of computer games that mimic the mechanics and excitement of an actual escape room. Read on to learn about some of these games.

    Sagrario’s Room Escape

    One of the first things that a player notices in Sagrario’s Room Escape is its minimalist setup. The room scene basically just contains a chair, a door, a picture, and a case that is made of metal. Or at least these are the most obvious elements. Those who have tried playing this game say that there are actually a lot of hidden details that a player has to decipher.

    The puzzles that the player has to solve in order to get out of the room are said to be pretty inventive and simply top-notch. One reviewer even says that designer Valentin Sagrario’s mind is totally impressive if we are to assess it based on the puzzles that he came up with. If you are a person who loves mental challenges, then this game will surely be entertaining for you.


    Developed by Neutral, Linkage is deceptively unthreatening in appearance.  One user even describes the graphics as lovely and very attractive to look at. The player is locked up in a space that might even look like the room the player is currently staying in! However, the puzzles and riddles that the player has to decipher are truly out of the ordinary. Reviewers are one in saying that this is a challenging game, though not hard enough to make new players want to give up on their first try. The trail of clues that the game provides is mentally stimulating and fun at the same time. Because of this, making it out of the locked room is going to be a very rewarding achievement.


    Also a game from Neutral, Elements offers the same graphics as the previously discussed Linkage game. Reviewers say that Elements is a game for those who want to really use pen and paper to solve puzzles and piece together clues. One has to rely so much on logical thinking if they are to make it out of the virtual room that Elements locks them in.


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