Nintendo Switch – The Excitement a Switch Can Bring

    Yesterday Nintendo finally released to the public the first commercial and first look at the Nintendo Switch. If you have been living under a rock since E3 this will be the first time you have heard of Nintendo Switch, previously only known to the public as Nintendo NX. Since the release of the commercial on October 20, 2016 Nintendo has received mostly positive feedback. Twitter was the first website to explode with news of the Nintendo Switch. There is not a whole lot we can share at the moment about the Nintendo Switch except for a few minor details.

    Let’s start with the most obvious and that is predominantly what the commercial showcased, the design of the system itself. Nintendo has decided to continue down the path with the Wii U instead of returning to the basic design of Television console connection. From this design they are onto something genius. No longer will Nintendo players have the clunky and awkward control panel instead we will be provided with an actual controller so game play on the TV is much more comfortable. Here’s the switch, if you did actually like the control panel that came with the Wii U than you can simply switch to the Joy-Cons, as Nintendo is referring to them, to a small tablet (provided with the system) and take your games on the go. By doing this, this will make gaming on the go easier for Nintendo enthusiasts.


    The next thing the commercial portrayed of the Nintendo Switch was it’s gaming capability. Nintendo gave the viewer a glimpse of Skyrim being played on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch will use the ‘Tegra processor’, a processor that is used within most high-end smartphones. Which is the reason the system comes with a tablet. Now with this processor skepticism rises with the capability of Skyrim being able to be played on this system. In the past Nintendo struggled to remain in the console wars and honestly the Switch will not be as strong as the Xbox One and PS4 which will make current games hard to transfer to fit onto the Switch. But that being said we can only know what the Switch’s core processor is capable of when it is released.

    Lastly the Switch is capable of traveling with you. Nintendo continues its trend of on the go gaming. There are many positives and one big negative to Switch’s capability of on the go gaming. By being able to take your games on the go many gamers who travel for a living will be able to game on the road in their free time. They’ll be able to take the big name games that are available to the Switch with them like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or the new (untitled) Super Mario game. Traveling gamers will not need to put the game down and forget how to play by the time they return home from a business meeting half way around the world. Another positive is this system may bring complete strangers together. Nintendo is one of the few companies that continue to do co-op gameplay without the use of online servers. Making the community of gamers believe they will be making friends with many strangers waiting for their next flight. However, as much as the Nintendo Switch being the next on the go gaming system seems promising, there appears to be one negative in the near future. The Nintendo 3DS will become obsolete. The new console will do the same thing the 3DS currently does and more, minus the 3D feature that hardly anyone uses anyway. With a two in one system Nintendo will most likely focus on making more games for the Switch and less for the 3DS, but this is not set in stone. We will have to wait and see once the Switch has been released.

    After watching the commercial for the Switch the gaming community is ready to get their hands on this system. Already it looks better than its predecessor the Wii U and hopefully this will help increase Nintendo and put it back on the pedestal it once stood on, before the upgrade of the Wii U.


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