Nacon Pro Compact Pastel Edition – Price, Features, And More

    If you’re an avid Xbox or PC gamer, you’ll find plenty of options out there when it comes to third-party controllers. You may, for whatever reason, not particularly like the standard Xbox controller made by Microsoft, or you might want to pick up a second controller for another player. Whatever your reason for wanting a new controller, Nacon makes some pretty excellent peripherals, and the Pro Compact controller is no exception to that rule; it’s a solid piece of gear and it’s great for Xbox and PC gamers alike.

    Nacon just released a set of new colours for the Pro Compact, with softer pastel shades of blue-grey, dark blue, and red available. They’re a touch more expensive than the regular controllers, but their smooth finish makes up for the slight price increase. Otherwise, it’s the same great controller you already know and love, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to revisit Nacon’s Pro Compact controller and talk a little bit about what you can expect from it.


    Price – how much does the Pro Compact cost?

    Right now, on Nacon’s official website, the Pro Compact controller’s standard colour variations are available for €49.90. If you’re wondering how that shakes out in UK currency terms, it’s around £43.40, but you’ll likely see the Pro Compact available on various websites and in various shops for £39.99. The pastel options will probably cost just a little more, so expect to pay about £44.99 for those. This is a great controller, though, so that price is pretty impressive for what you’re getting.


    Colours – what are the new Nacon Pro Compact pastel shades?

    In addition to the standard black and white options, the new Pro Compact pastel shades pretty up an already-attractive controller. You’re getting new dark blue, dark red, and light blue options, with the light blue also infused with a touch of grey to give you that softer aesthetic. Of course, if you prefer black or white, those options are still available as well. These come in addition to the Pro Compact Colourlight controller, which has impressive built-in LEDs to light your gaming experience up.


    Features – what does the Nacon Pro Compact offer to gamers?

    You might be wondering why you should pick up a Nacon Pro Compact over a standard Xbox controller. Well, a slightly lower price is the first and most obvious advantage, but there are others as well. Here are some of the features the Nacon Pro Compact controller boasts, whether you pick up the Pastel Edition or one of the other colour options available.

    • Official licensing. First, it’s important to note that Nacon’s controller is officially licensed by Microsoft, which means that it meets with the company’s seal of approval. This isn’t a first-party controller, but it does have Microsoft’s blessing, so to speak, so you know you’re getting a high-quality option.
    • Two switchable modes. The controller has two modes: Standard and Advanced. The Standard mode lets you simply game without worrying about extra setup or options, while the Advanced mode allows you to remap buttons and change things around. You will need an app from the Microsoft Store if you want to access this functionality, though.
    • Compact form factor. As the name suggests, the Pro Compact is a smaller controller than the standard Xbox offering. If you’ve ever used the first-party Xbox controller and wished it was just a little less bulky, then the Nacon Pro Compact is definitely the controller for you.
    • Wide-ranging customisation. Using the aforementioned app from the Microsoft Store, you can customise all kinds of features on the Nacon Pro Compact, including trigger sensitivity, vibration motor strength, and button and stick functionality. 
    • Dolby Atmos via the 3.5mm jack. If you plug in headphones through the included 3.5mm jack, you can take advantage of Dolby Atmos sound, which offers more immersive audio. You’ll be able to hear every gunshot or every scrape of a sword, putting you right in the middle of the action and helping you to up your game in multiplayer modes.

    Compatibility – what can I use the Nacon Pro Compact with?

    Happily, since this controller is made for Xbox and PC platforms, you can use it with any of Microsoft’s currently-active systems. This means that whether you have an Xbox Series S, the more powerful Xbox Series X, or a monster gaming PC (or, indeed, a budget option), you’ll be able to use the controller with any of those systems. Sadly, the Pro Compact isn’t compatible with the Xbox 360, but at this stage, if you’re still gaming on a 360, you should probably upgrade anyway. You’ll notice the benefit pretty quickly!

    I bought a Pro Compact and it’s not working. What should I do?

    Before you send your Pro Compact back to Nacon because it’s not working, it’s worth trying a few of these troubleshooting options to see if they have an effect.

    • Try a different USB port. The Pro Compact controller can only connect via USB, so try a different USB port on either your PC or your Xbox if your machine isn’t recognising the Pro Compact.
    • Turn the PC or Xbox off and on again. It sounds silly, but sometimes, switching your console or PC off and on again will actually help it to recognise the controller.

    Download the Nacon Pro Compact app. Try downloading Nacon’s Pro Compact app to see if it recognises the controller. If it does, there may be a problem with the game you’re trying to play, or the problem might lie elsewhere on your system.    


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