MX vs. ATV Supercross Review

Surely it is often said, that most racing games are “fun” or manage to “bring together” two or more elements in a successful way, where gameplay is concerned.  But with MX vs. ATV – we’re really talking about a multifaceted racer that achieves quite a lot on multiple fronts without fully dedicating itself to any of them.  Don’t get the wrong idea, of course, this is a title which does what it does in the context of some gritty, exciting action.  You’ll blast around the track vying for position as others wisk around you and try to throw you off your game, but the coolest thing is title’s dual nature.  The fact is, you can basically play it as if it were a serious simulator OR bask in its arcade-ishness, the choice is yours.

MX vs. ATV Supercross

Graphics and presentation

While it might not be extremely cutting-edge, MX vs. ATV Supercross is certainly a good-looking game on the PlayStation 3.  Frame rates are smooth, the lighting is nice, the models and tracks are all up to snuff…everything you’d expect from a developer like Rainbow Studios.  Likewise, the menus are easy to navigate, allowing you to set up multiple game types including: single races, career mode, and of course, multiplayer (interestingly enough, both online as well as local {offline}).  In other words, this game gives you plenty of options with regards to the depth of its gameplay, if you will.

MX vs. ATV Supercross 2

The Motorbikes

Starting off, you can opt to simply jump on a motorbike and see how everything handles.   When reviewing any racing game it is important to first get the feel of the controls, you know – see where the give and take is, how the breaks respond, how fast you can take big turns without flying off the track…you know, the usual stuff.  Well, the unique thing about this game is that the use of the right thumbstick to help you land jumps and achieve better balancing.  In fact, once you become proficient at this the game will really open up to you and become even more fun.  Moreover, there’s a decidedly arcade-like feel that permeates the onscreen action which is altogether enjoyable and keeps you emotionally invested.

MX vs. ATV Supercross 3

The ATV’s  

If the motorbike action wasn’t zany enough for you, don’t worry, that’s why the ATV’s are here.  Hands down, they are a bit trickier to steer (and this doesn’t only apply to human players, mind you), which means you will get to witness all sorts of, dare we say, hilarious wrecks replete with ragdoll wipeouts.  It is a bit more challenging to get the hang of this section of the game, but it is still very rewarding nonetheless.

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