How To Move Quickly and Efficiently in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an impossibly massive game full of content. With 7 continents separated by vast seas, each one containing a bounty of NPCs and quests, you could potentially invest hundreds of hours into this game before you even get close to reaching the end. However, that vastness presents its own problem: transportation. You’ll be spending most of your time walking on land, and to get across the seas you’ll have access to your very own ship. However, if you want to be a speedy, super-efficient Lost Ark player, there are several other travel options that are instantaneous, even from one continent to another. In this article, I will be covering those options for Lost Ark fans who don’t want to waste any time traveling the old-fashioned way.


In Lost Ark, you will come across platforms called Triports. These checkpoints can serve as a kind of fast travel system once you have visited one. Triports are distinguished by their appearance, a glowing set of rectangles set within a square on the floor. These aren’t always the most convenient, but if you’re just zipping from one major location to the next, these will do the trick. 

Accessing Triport Locations

Once you’ve visited just about every major location, the Triports that are available to you will be scattered all over the massive map. If you’d like to see the entire map on one screen instead of scanning through it in a zoomed-in mode, you can right-click the map to zoom out until you can see everything. Alternatively, if you’re trying to zero in on a location, you can left-click to magnify the map. Now that you know how the main map works, finding a Triport location and teleporting there couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click the Triport you’d like to use, pay the fee that is required, and you’re off! If you have a Lost Ark premium account, that fee is waived. This can be done from anywhere on the map.

If you’re in a hurry and need to use a Triport quickly, you can also select one and jump to it using the in-game mini-map. As you probably know, you can bring up the mini-map by pressing the TAB key at any time. Triports are marked on this mini-map with a triangle within a circle, and if you hold the ALT button and left-click them you will be whisked away to that location. This is essentially the same as using the world map in the menu, just much faster.

Song of Return

An even easier way to get to a location you have saved is to use the Song of Return. This song can be bound to Portal Statutes in every city. Once it is set, it will show up on your map and mini-map as a Triport icon, but this time the triangle will be blue. Pressing F2 will bring up your list of Sheet Music, and the Song of Return will be labeled with the location it is currently set to. Selecting it will then teleport you to the location you set. To save even more time, you can place the Song of Return on a hotkey so you can teleport with a single keystroke. One more important note on the Song of Return is that it takes a full 60 minutes to cool down, so you won’t be using it very often.


Now we can get to the good stuff. Bifrost is a teleport location you can place absolutely ANYWHERE. Close to a boss fight? Sure. Right outside a dungeon? No problem. Next to an important NPC? Go for it. To set a Bifrost location, you’ll need to hold Alt + W, left-click where you want to be able to return to at the drop of a hat, and pay the fee in silver. You’ll have the option to leave a memo on each Bifrost you set so you can keep track of them, but their location will always be visible so it’s not actually necessary. Free Lost Ark accounts will have two Bifrost slots they can use, while premium accounts will have an extra one for a total of three. Again, these can be placed anywhere, so get creative and really think about where you might need to return to frequently. 

Ocean Liner

Lost Ark’s equivalent of a taxi service is its ocean liner system. Think of them as sea taxis. Ocean liners can be accessed from any major port and will require you to interact with an NPC (the ship’s captain), pay the fee, and you’re good to go. After a short time, you will have reached your destination. Now, ocean liners are only able to travel to other major ports, so you’ll most likely be using this to get to other continents quickly, rather than teleporting to a specific location like a Bifrost or Triport. If you find yourself far away from a port, you can teleport to one by opening your map and clicking the anchor icon on the map. 

Captain Of Your Own Ship

If you feel like sailing the high seas at your own leisure, you can do just that by taking command of your own ship! Sailing freely through the world of Lost Ark is one of the game’s many pleasures. If you’re inland and want to set sail, you can click the “Ready to Sail” button in the bottom left of the map screen. This will teleport you onto the deck of your ship, and you can depart from the port immediately. For those extra long voyages, there is even an “Autosail” option. If you hold the Alt button and left-click a destination, your ship will move towards that checkpoint without you needing to directly control it. That way, you can kick back, enjoy the sights, or organize your inventory. If you need to make your way to a new island that is far away, the best way to do that would be to use the ocean liner to get to the general area or nearest continent and then hop aboard your ship to sail the rest of the way.

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