Meta Quest Pro: VR Headset Guide

    The virtual world is knocking on the door of our real one. Every year, new and exciting ways to experience high-resolution mixed reality are brought to us. So that one day we might all slip into the virtual dreamscape and scarcely remember the transition. 

    Meta Quest Pro is just one more example of how we might be able to seamlessly interact with our virtual surroundings. While still being anchored in a physical space in full high-definiton colour.

    Benefits of Mixed Reality

    Essentially we are being brought into the inner workings of our computers. One huge benefit of this is the way in which it will enable creatives to shorten the gap from idea to collaboration. Design in a mixed reality setting will transform as collaborators are able to inhabit a shared digital space, regardless of where they happen to be living in the real world. You think remote working is a revelation to us now? Just wait until the office exists only on the inside of your headset.

    Marketed as a ‘whole new way to work, create and collaborate’, the Meta Quest Pro is a single headset with an expansive virtual world inside it. You’ll be able to invite collaborators in to enter your space and assist on shared projects in real time. The list of professionals this should appeal to is very lengthy indeed. Also, the latest VR technology will be boosted by VR painting and a choice of studio apps to the rocket the creative process into the future.

    Latest Leap In VR Technology

    The headset was first announced at Meta Connect 2022, where it was heralded as a leap forward in the capabilities of high-end VR headsets. Loaded with high-resolution sensors for full-colour mixed reality, next-gen pancake optics, sharp LCD displays and a more comfortable design with inbuilt Fit Adjustment. Natural facial expressions will be digitally rendered too for a more engaging social avatar (try to keep the workplace scowling to a minimum).

    In light of all these breakthroughs, it seems safe to assume this device will do exactly what it promises to. While many of us are still wary of retreating into headsets – attached to the ancient practice of eye contact in the real world – the obvious advantages of being able to collaborate naturally in VR should certainly not be scoffed at. While an evolving ecosystem of events and mixed reality experiences continue to expand the interior world of Meta Quest Pro.

    What Should You Expect?

    So, backed by innovative hardware and exciting new features, this headset will bring users even deeper into VR and mixed reality settings. Great for professionals looking to shake up and modernise their creative process. Also, the Meta Quest Pro will be equipped with advanced productivity tools and the ability to generate a virtual table to seat your entire team of remote workers. Then your boss can simply step up and scrawl whatever they fancy on a hovering virtual whiteboard. While you look around, note the expressions of your colleagues’ avatars and interact with your own desk and physical keyboard – yup, we’re living in the Matrix, folks.

    The Meta Quest Pro is available to purchase now for around £1,264. This includes the headset, two self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partial light blockers and a charging dock…


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