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    The Best Video Games Made in Poland that You Must Play Before You Die 

    Amongst the 500+ independent developers and AAA studios out there in the world, there is a clear contender for the visionary powerhouse and in recent years, Poland is sticking out like a sore thumb as the country that is changing the game and mixing it up. Heralding instant classic games, quirky action-packed shooters and powerfully narrative-driven otherworldly games, here is our selection of the best Polish games you should be playing before you die. Time to polish-up on your game time. 

    The Witcher Saga

    Based on the novels written by Andrzej Apkowski, the series of The Witcher Saga is now, without doubt, the most popular game in this list. The game was developed by the team at CD Project RED. This action fantasy role-playing game follows the main character Geralt into a world of medieval times unlike anything else. Geralt is a hunter, praying on the monsters that skulk the lands.

    The game won worldwide acclaim thanks to its riveting and complex storyline. The game also adapted new approached to the art of fighting in games making it an innovative wonder that has now swapped life outside the realms of the gaming console.

    The Witcher was made into a Netflix series and released in December 2019. With Netflix owning some rights, it’s also in the pipeline that they will once again join forces with online casino developer NetEnt to produce an online slot machine of The Witcher. The Last collaboration was in 2019 for the online slot game of Narcos™

    There has been a long affinity between TV series and slot games online. Even with console gaming and the success Lara Croft spawned in her casino role brought to live by Microgaming.

    This War of Mine

    This game was inspired by true events that took place during the 1992-95 Bosnian War called the Siege of Sarajevo. The game portrays what is civilian armed conflict. This War of Mine puts you in charge of a group of survivors during the conflict. Each character has essential skills that have helped them to survive and endure in the hardship of battle they are now pawns in. You need to safeguard them, checking continuously on mood and hunger levels as you wait out and last till ceasefire is declared to end the war.

    This new approach to gameplay and its subject landed it a nomination for The Game Award: Game for Change.

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    BAFTA award-winning for the game’s innovation, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter takes a new approach. No guns, no fights, and no explosions, this game’s driving force is its non-linear storytelling that is so immersive it won critics over in trying to discover what happened in the disappearance and possible murder of Ethan Carter.

    You play the leading role of the occult-minded police detective named Paul Prospero, who is trying to figure out where and how to find Ethan. Dense with exploration and discovery, it’s not about mind-bending puzzles. Very much a refreshing game that will inspire hundreds after it.

    911 Operator

    “911, what’s your emergency?” “Sure, a new game is already dispatched and on its way!”

    If you want a full escape from your day job, try becoming an emergency dispatcher and see if you can handle the multitasks this game throws at you just like the real thing. It has everything you would expect there to be without even having prior knowledge of what the role actually entails. Pick up the emergency calls, give life-saving medical procedures and first aid instructions down the phone. Police co-ordination, handle paramedics and firefighters.

    Opting for the ‘free play’ mode, you are able to pick any city in the entire world and you will be provided a fully interactive map with real addresses and the complete emergency infrastructure. Winner of Best Indie Game in 2016 at the Digital Dragons Convention. Very much a lifesaver of a game.

    Dying Light

    Coming with the fitting tag line of ‘good night good luck’ the Dying Light game is a first-person action game where you try to survive the city being overrun by zombies. Yes, the braindead are back, but playing this flesh fest goes to higher extremes with the walking dead getting stronger and more vicious when it gets dark. Packed with incredible features, one of the game’s unique aspects is the parkour movements that the character has which are not the case in other games of this kind.


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