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    Life -The Game gives you the chance to play the game of life and work your way through many different key life events. All the major chapters in life are represented and include being born, learning to talk, studying, going through puberty, dating, working your way up the career ladder, getting married, having kids, experiencing a midlife crisis, welcoming grandchildren into the world, keeping in good shape and looking after your health before you inevitably pass away. Your task is to make the right decisions to live the longest and most prosperous life you possibly can. Are you ready to achieve all your ambitions in Life – The Game?

    Download or play in browser

    The game can be played in your browser, and the controls are simple. You need to use your mouse, click with your left mouse button and press P to skip levels. More and more people across the world are trying out Life – The Game for themselves when they wish to play a highly-fulfilling and engaging game. The game has won positive reviews across a large number of well-known review sites. There is also a downloadable version of the game that you can obtain for your mobile device or computer.

    Key life events

    Life – The Game takes you through all the main stages of life and gives you the chance to pass them successfully, though there’s always a chance that you will make an incorrect move and meet a premature end. Though the game appears simple, being successful in it can just as challenging as real life. It even gives you the opportunity to learn how to talk and complete your homework and take on troubling zits during your teenage years. The makers of the game have regularly been praised for their attention to detail, ensuring all sorts of events and activities are included in the game.

    When it’s time to start dating, you can seek out potential partners via the Finder app, which bears a strong resemblance to many real-word downloads designed to bring people together. You can expect to experience all the hedonism you might seek during your college years before you marry who will hopefully be the ideal partner for you and have kids for yourself.

    Midlife and old age

    During your midlife crisis, you can expect to find yourself making questionable purchases and exhibiting particularly strange behaviour as you start to come to terms with getting older. Once you have passed through this stage, you will spend many of your days looking after your children’s children and keeping on top of your various medical prescriptions before the game reaches its end and you pass away.

    The ultimate life simulator?

    The game has been described as the ultimate life simulator and is divided into four chapters. The outcomes of the game will depend on the decisions that you have made whilst playing it. The game features fun, simple and cartoonish graphics that are never hard to decipher. In other words, there shouldn’t be any confusion around which objects are appearing on your screen. Even if you lose a level, the experience should be an enjoyable one because of the damning, highly-critical but amusing comments that you’ll receive on your performance.

    How fast can you click?

    Though the controls may seem simple, this doesn’t mean the game is an easy one. In order to taste success, you will need to employ fast reflexes. If you don’t do this, you will repeatedly fail the level, although you can press P if it all gets too much and you wish to skip the stage instead. It’s possible to derive hours of fun from playing Life – The Game, especially as there is no need for the experience to be the same every time. Life – The Game is also inexpensive to download or play online. There are more than 15 possible endings and a host of minigames built into the experience.

    Should I play?

    There are many good reasons for playing Life – The Game. Not only is it highly witty and entertaining, the various possible outcomes available mean you can try it time and time again without boredom kicking in. The way that the game so closely reflects the experience of life itself is one of its biggest draws and one of the main reasons for its popularity.

    Don’t expect an easy ride, because you will need to push your reflexes to the test to achieve success. However, once you master it, the whole experience can be very rewarding indeed. Life – The Game, is an incredibly fun game to try, and you may find yourself still playing it for months to come following your first attempting at meeting the life goals laid out in it. Play this game on Do you have what it takes to make your character turn their dreams into a reality before their time on earth is up?


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