Is There A GTA V Money Cheat?

    Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular and iconic video games franchises in the history of gaming. In 2013, Grand Theft Auto V broke records by becoming the second most expensive video game ever developed as well the fastest selling entertainment product. Years after its release (not unlike its predecessors), the game is still massively popular amongst gamers. One thing people have wondered for a time is whether or not the game has a money cheat.

    Grand Theft Auto is known for having a wide variety of cheat codes for different things in different games. Some of the most popular cheat codes are to increase health (including the “health” of a vehicle one may be driving at the time), spawn vehicles as innocuous as cars and as absurd as jetpacks or tanks, lose police attention, and of course, cheat codes that increase the amount of money the player has. In Grand Theft Auto V, money has taken an even more important role in gameplay than in previous installments. The game features a stock market that helps know when to buy and sell things as well as heists which cost money to start and give large amounts of money when completed. So naturally, many players would be wondering if there was a money cheat in Grand Theft Auto V and what exactly the code was.

    A quick search of “GTA V money cheat” yields many results about cheats in general that a player might want to check out. There seems to be a cheat code for pretty much anything could ever want: Invincibility, the ability to get more police attention, or even to run faster. These are all in addition to the ones already mentioned previously for the other games in the series. But what about the money cheat? Is there one?

    It’s easy to see that there are multiple glitches, hacks, and exploits that claim to work and give the player huge amounts of money. However, many of these boil down to things that are already available in game to find. One example is the so-called “Shipwreck Package” that was featured on IGN’s YouTube channel. The player is supposed to swim to certain areas and grab these packages as way to procure some amount (possibly infinite as IGN says) of money. Others just offer a way to play the stock market really well and make a lot of money. This means that the player would have to just play the game just as it was intended as opposed to “cheating” the game and getting money from some simple to enter code that can be entered as many times as the player may like.

    So far, it seems as if there is no money cheat in GTA V. It’s possible that there might still be a very well-hidden cheat code to get money but honestly, it makes complete sense why there wouldn’t be. The developers added more than enough ways to make money within the confines of the game. A money cheat code, especially one that’s widely and easily available, would be defeating the purpose of the cool new features. Maybe the developers just left that cheat out.


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