Improve Your Skills with a Fun Web Spin on a Viral 2014 Classic

    What 2014 viral sensation are we talking about? Crossy Road, of course! You know, the game where you guide a curious, clucky chicken across a course of endless roads. All of these roads are laden with obstacles too, so you are in for quite a challenge when it comes to keeping your plucky bird alive and well.

    Developed by Hipster Whale and released wide-stream as a mobile app in 2014, this game was a big hit for casual gameplayers everywhere. So much, in fact, that it caught the attentions of serious gamers, becoming an instant success where bloggers and vloggers would compete against each other by sharing and bragging about their own high scores.

    Now, Poki introduces the exclusive web version. This version gives you all of the ins and outs of the mobile game, but across a sleek, smooth platform that makes it easier for you to play from any device at any time. 

    The Endless Objective of Crossy Road 

    The long and short of the matter is—there is no set objective to Crossy Road. Your whole aim is to make it farther than you’ve made it before; to improve upon your high score until you master the game and perfect your skills. The roads are endless; ergo, the objective is endless, but still tons of fun with challenges and new obstacles galore.

    Sure, you are trying to answer the question of why the chicken crossed the road. But maybe the chicken crossed these roads because it liked a challenge. Or, maybe it was simply curious. Your chicken, your call. 

    How to Control Your Chicken and Other Characters 

    Your chicken is a simple, curious little guy that requires basic keyboard movements for controls. The UP, DOWN, and LEFT to RIGHT arrows perform basic maneuvers, like forward, backward, and side to side. The SPACEBAR also serves a purpose when you start a new game or take a turn on the prize machine. You can also use your mouse to click the START symbols, but the majority of your gameplay relies on the arrow keys. Your other unlockable, playable characters are moved and controlled with the same controls as your chicken.

    Be sure to keep your headphones on or your speakers up when playing Crossy Road on web. The obstacles give off warning sounds when your character needs to dodge something in the road. For instance, a car or truck will honk, and a train will hoot. Another sign of danger is the bald eagle caw, which is unavoidable, but still lets you know when your current game is about to be upended by a ruthless, hungry predator. 

    What You Can Expect from this Challenging, Skill-Testing Gameplay 

    Crossy Road, admittedly, might test your patience for the first few times, because it takes a few minutes to master the idea of staying alive over an endless course. However, once you’ve delved into the gameplay, it becomes addictive, and all you can think about it testing your limits, racking up your high score, and proving yourself as the best player.

    So, what can you expect? Lots of fun, for one. Gameplay-wise, you can make your experience all the better by collecting coins that go towards spinning a prize machine for unlockable characters. You also gain points for every move your character steps forward.

    All of the characters have their own abilities and specialties. For example, the chicken hops forward, which makes it easier to quickly dodge oncoming cars. Whereas, the snail slimes forward, making it a quicker character overall. You can switch between characters with each new game by clicking the clucky chicken icon at the bottom left of the game screen. 

    Where Can You Safely Play Crossy Road? 

    Crossy Road has been divided across numerous platforms in the past 4 years, with a web version released exclusively by Poki. This platform offers a safe, secure place for you to spend hours playing rounds of skill-building games—Crossy Road included. When you get bored with one game, you can head over to another for endless fun on one convenient site. 

    Why You Should Take a Chance on This Fun Game 

    Some negative people will tell you that gaming is a waste of time and energy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gaming in itself is a fun and relaxing day to spend an hour or two after work or school. It soothes your mind, relaxes your nerves, and removes you from the drama that can accumulate in everyday life. Ergo, Crossy Road is a game you should absolutely take a chance on. It’s fun and thrilling, but also challenging in a way that tests your speed, reflexes, and abilities to think quickly. Just try it. You might love it!


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