How to Wager on Online and Offline Events: Their Pros and Cons

    The difference between online and offline events: learn how to use it to your advantage to win more stakes.

    Online and Offline Event Formats: What’s So Different About Them and How to Wager on Them Correctly

    All eSports events are divided into online and offline (LAN) formats. And these two are very different. And not only in the way the event goes. But also in your wagering approach. In fact, pro bettors always consider it. And that is one of the reasons they are called “pro,” while you are still not.

    But it will soon change. This article will explain the difference between online and offline events. And also teach you what to consider before wagering on both types.

    How Do Online and Offline Events Differ

    Before we jump into useful content, it is imperative for the readers to know the difference between online and offline formats.

    The LAN (Local Area Network), or the offline format, is an event that takes place in a special location. The tournament’s conduction place is always determined by the event organizer. Most often, such places are arenas (stadium-like facilities) where players perform surrounded by their spectators. If so, they are away from the crowd in a closed room with windows.

    While with online events, everything is much easier. During such competitions, players reside at any place they want. Often, those are the boot camps. But minor players just stay at their homes.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Event Format Types

    Both event types have their own pros and cons, impacting players and their performance. And in the final result, your bets. So here is what you should know about format types to get your wager more accurate.

    Offline (LAN) Type

    For offline events, the main thing to influence players is pressure. Remember that the rooms where players reside have windows? Moreover, they are also placed in the middle of the arenas.

    So players are under the constant watch of thousands of people. But not only in arenas, they are also streamed online. And due to all these factors, their nerves start to play. Which can result in worse performance.

    However, this is applied mainly to young participants. If the player has been performing in the LAN conditions for years, he shouldn’t stress about it.

    Another factor to consider is the gaming setup. Cause if players weren’t allowed to bring their own gear to the event, they might underperform.

    Speaking of the pros of the LANs, it is their consistency. Within such events, players can rarely face high ping and disconnects. They are all connected to one server from one facility, so their connection will be super smooth.

    And also, the fact that players use the same PC setups puts them in equal conditions. So none of the players will have a better in-game performance than his opponents.

    Online Type

    Speaking about online events, the situation is completely opposite. First, players perform from familiar places. That means comfort and no pressure. In such conditions, we can expect players to perform the best.

    Also, online events don’t regulate gear setup. So players will use their familiar mouses, keyboards, and gamepads. Which also results in a better and more controlled performance.

    However, online events are not perfect either. Their main flaw is the connection problems. The fact that players come from different parts of the world makes their ping unstable. For instance, if one team comes from the East and another from the West, they will have completely different connection stability. Especially if the central server is in one of their regions. That is actually the reason why top-notch events are always LANs.


    Another major issue of online events is PC setup disbalance. One player might have a GeForce 3090 + Ryzen 5700x with 32 GB RAM. In contrast, his opponent has GeForce 1660 ti + Ryzen 1600 with 16 GB RAM. Obviously, the second machine will underperform. This may be a decisive factor in the match if opposing players are equally skilled.

    How to Use Online and Offline Formats in Your Advantage

    Now that you know how online and offline tournaments influence competitors’ performances, you can use them to your advantage. How exactly? For instance, if one of the competitors resides in Japan while the other team is in Europe, the Japanese will definitely have ping problems.

    Or if talking about the LANs, a competitor that has participated in them numerous times is deprived of worry. While freshmen can still have it.

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