How To Improve Your Gaming Skills In Battlefield 2042

    Chances are you want to impress your friends during your next match on Battlefield 2042, or you want to start your online channel where you teach noobs how to play. Whatever your motivations might be, improving your skills in your favorite game is a thing of pride for many.

    A common reason why you’re still stuck at the same skill level for so long is that you probably don’t know what to do. This article will discuss some tips to help sharpen your Battlefield 2042 skills. Also, get some Battlefield 2042 hacks from aimclub for better results.

    How to improve in Battlefield 2042

    1. Collaboration is important

    If you have plans to go into Battlefield 2042 alone, you should expect to face a lot of avoidable struggles. On the other hand, playing with friends makes the game more exciting and fun to play. You also have the additional advantage of having teammates look out for you.

    You can connect with your Battlefield 2042 team members using Discord. So, take out time to plan your strategies together and delegate roles to different team members. When playing in a team, an important thing you should note is to always stick with your teammates.

    1. Learn some important in-game movements

    Every Battlefield 2042 player should master two important movements are bunny hopping and sliding. Bunny hopping will make it difficult for an engaged opponent to track you or take a good aim at you. You can use this movement to move across areas with heated battles to get the least hits.

    Sliding also helps you to move quickly on the battlefield while at the same time making it difficult to get hit by incoming bullets. When you don’t know what’s around a corner, jiggle peek, then pre-aim. This will help you get the best possible spread.

    1. Your aim is worth considering.

    When it comes to aiming in Battlefield 2042, your weapon’s recoil is of the greatest importance. Your gun’s recoil is that property of the gun that makes your crosshair move off-target after you’ve taken some shots.

    The different guns in Battlefield 2042 have different recoil patterns. Also, mastering them will take many hours to put into practice. So, when you’re aiming at a target, position your crosshair such that there’s compensation against when the recoil factor kicks in. You won’t master this technique overnight; you’ll need to put in some practice.

    1. Stick with the objective

    Many first-person shooter games out there will reward you for getting the highest number of kills. However, the case is different when you bring Battlefield 2042 into the picture – you have to play the objective. So don’t just go around making kills blindly.

    Avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary battles; you might end up getting yourself killed, especially if the opponent is more skilled than you are. If you must take out an enemy, the kill must amount to your team securing the objective.

    1. Your choice of weapons must serve you best.

    Some players just go for top-tier weapons without considering what conditions those weapons work best. Battlefield 2042 comes with a large map, meaning that most of your battles will be in open spaces. So, we recommend you always keep a sniper rifle with you.

    Also, someone might easily creep up on you when you’re not looking. To help you in such situations, you should also have a pistol handy. Another thing you should factor in when choosing your guns is your play style if you don’t pick a sniper rifle, you’re the aggressive player who likes engaging his enemies at close-range.


    Battlefield 2042 can be a really tough game, especially when you don’t know the basics of most FPS games. The game relies heavily on gun battles and important in-game movements and mechanics. So, it’s of great importance that you work on your shooting and aiming skills. 

    Your choice of weapons is equally important – your guns must serve in any combat situation and also suit your playstyle. Also, try to master some important in-game movements that will serve you in the long run. Lastly, stick with your team and play the objective.


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