2022 Pokémon World Championships

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    Everything You Need To Know About 2022 Pokémon World Championships

    Pokemon World Championships are the perfect brain-training events that are enticing you to move forward constantly. Since the first Pokemon: Red and Green Blue edition, published for the ever-loved Game Boy, the game doesn’t stop to surprise. Many generations failed to resist the charms of this video game.

    With technological development, the popularity of video games has exponentially grown. That said, the game gained a vast audience, with hundreds of thousands of spectators impatiently waiting for the next event to occur. So, without further ado, let’s see what we can expect from Pokemon in 2022.

    The History Of Pokemon Championship

    The first Pokemon Trading Card Game Championship was held in 2004. Approximately around that time, the game was regaining its popularity. It was 2009 when Play! Pokemon started to organize various competitive events alongside the Trading Card Game Championship.

    There were different Premier Tournaments divided into several divisions like Junior, Senior, or Masters. Typically, the best players would earn the invitation to the grand event. During this time, the popularity of this virtual game continued snowballing. Consequently, the game quickly gained attention among many sportsbook lovers. It wasn’t long until eSports websites started following the Pokemon events. As a result, you can find multiple resources such as who regularly follow and inform you about the latest Pokemon events.

    All these events lead to Play! Pokemon is announcing the Pokemon World Championships Series in 2016. The following event that was supposed to be played in 2020 was canceled due to unfortunate circumstances surrounding the global pandemic. Thus, they prolonged the event until 2021. Ultimately, the consensus was reached, so the Championship was scheduled for 2022.

    How To Qualify

    The qualifying process comprises several stages. Namely, there are several Play! Pokemon programs, which consist of different regions. Players from different parts of the world have a chance to participate in the Championship Playoffs. Thus, the best players from each division will receive an invitation to the main event.

    Championship Points

    Players who collect the predetermined number of points at the end of the season will receive an invitation to the Championship. Furthermore, trainers compete in their own divisions, such as:

    • North America Program,
    • Europe,
    • Latin America,
    • Oceania.

    For some time, Asia was a part of the Play! Pokemon program. However, in 2020 this continent decided to organize their own qualifications towards the Championship. Moreover, Japan and South Korea have slightly different qualification rules, which we’ll cover shortly.

    Japan Qualifications

    Pokemon players located in Japan participate in a series of qualification tournaments throughout the season. In the end, the best players will receive an invitation to the Japan National Championships. From there, the team of best players will be selected and included in the Pokemon World Championships to represent their country.

    South Korea Qualifications

    Similar to Japan, South Korea also features a bit different qualification rules. Players accumulate points throughout the season, which results in receiving an invitation from the Korean League. Naturally, players with the highest number of points will have a chance to fight in the final tournament.

    Pokemon GO Championship Series

    In 2021, Pokemon announced the intention to include Pokemon GO in the World Championships. A specific qualification system will be implemented into the Pokemon GO Championship Series. Players will fight in the Pokemon GO Battle League. Those who reach the Legend Rank in Season 9 will qualify for the GO Championship Series.

    The Series will feature several events, including Regional and International Championships. During the events, players from the Senior and Masters age division will have a chance of participating. The Championship Series will be held in a Great League format. Furthermore, the will be two registration phases: Early and Open registration, which will be opened from January 2022.


    As mentioned above, there will be two independent Championships: Regional and International. The best Pokemon Go players from each division will receive an invitation to the 2022 Pokemon World Championships. What’s more, some players will have a chance to earn a Travel Reward to the World Championship. The Championship qualifiers will be held in different divisions, divided into regions as follows:

    • US and Canada,
    • Europe,
    • Latin America,
    • Oceania.

    Each region will have several regional championships, where the best players will fight for the invitation. Thus, you have a chance to train your Pokemon to become the best as you can grow together throughout the Series.

    Pokemon TCG Championship Series

    Pokemon Trading Card Game competitors will have a chance to play in live competitions located worldwide. By earning Championship points, players will have an opportunity to acquire the invitation to the World Championships.

    Furthermore, there will be several events held throughout the Championship Series, as follows:

    • League Challenges,
    • League Cups,
    • Regional Championships,
    • International Championships,
    • Pokemon Special Events.

    The above-mentioned events serve as an ideal opportunity to earn an invitation to the Pokemon World Championships. However, they also represent an opportunity for players to compete and practice their skills. Thus, if you’re a Pokemon TCG lover, use the Event Locator and find out where you can compete in your area.

    Pokemon Video Game Championships

    To participate in smaller tournaments, you only need a Nintendo Switch system and your Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield game. That said, you can quickly get a glimpse of the Championship excitement. However, if you intend to participate at the regional level, you would need to pass the advanced registration procedure.

    Here are the requirements to register for the Championship Series:

    • Pokemon Trainer Club Account,
    • Play! Pokemon Player ID,
    • Accept Play! Pokemon Terms of Use.

    The Series will be held through several events:

    • Premier Challenges,
    • Midseason Snowdowns,
    • Regional Championships,
    • International Championships.

    As you can guess, the best players will earn an invitation to the World Championships.

    In Conclusion

    As technology keeps progressing, eSports are gaining attention. As a result, more and more people decide to test their skills against players from different parts of the world. The desire to compete doesn’t fade with age. On the contrary, people of all ages and generations gladly participate in Pokemon events. As a result, there’s a considerable interest reported in the 2022 Pokemon World Championships. Thus, if you’re a Pokemon fan, you would be glad to know there will be plenty of opportunities to measure your skills against the best. Join the bandwagon and earn your invitation. If you need extra information, be safe in the knowledge there are plenty of resources at your disposal all over the web. Enjoy!


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