How To Host Your Very Own eSports Event

    If you’ve never contemplated hosting your own eSports event, now may well be the time to start. eSports events can be amazing fun, bringing together the best parts of video games and sporting disciplines. A great eSports event requires many different organisational aspects to come together; it’s not just the game itself, but also the surrounding stalls, attractions, and other things you might want to use to bring in customers and create truly unforgettable moments. Here’s how you can host your very own eSports event.

    Work out your budget

    Every eSports event will have a different budget attached to it. The figure will largely depend on what you personally plan to do. Do you plan to host lots of different games or just one? How many people will be attending? Will you be providing catering as well? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before you finalise your budget. How much money you’ve got to play with will largely dictate the size and shape of the event, so make sure you’re planning appropriately. No matter what your budget, you’ll be able to have a great event!

    Don’t forget your equipment

    When you’re in the midst of planning the greatest eSports event of all time, it can be easy to forget the smaller details. If you’re going to communicate with your audience, you’ll need good-quality equipment to do so. Seek out a reputable PA provider to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we recommend you visit It’s an excellent site with a range of great deals on PA equipment and other things you might need for your eSports journey. Don’t skimp on equipment costs!

    Clearly define your brand

    Your eSports event needs a mission statement – a way to differentiate you from the host of other eSports events out there. Are you pitching yourself more towards the casual or hardcore gaming crowd? eSports events tend to skew more hardcore because of the nature of the games being played, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t try a different tack. Just make sure you know what your event is all about before you embark on the planning for it, because a poorly-defined mission statement could mean your event doesn’t work out the way you want it to.

    Don’t neglect the planning stage

    Here’s the golden rule to follow for eSports event planning: don’t wing it. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got a clearly defined and followable plan for every stage, from conception to execution. Leave nothing out: budget, venue, personnel, equipment, and even lighting are all areas you’ll need to be vigilant about if you want your event to go off without a hitch (and you do). Naturally, you should leave some room for improvisation; nothing always goes exactly according to plan, after all. Still, it’s a good idea to go into things with a clear, focused plan.

    Create a detailed timeline

    Everything in your event needs to be scheduled and timed so things can go smoothly. From the arrival of your first audience members to the cleanup post-event, making sure there’s a detailed timeline in place will mean you won’t be hit by any unexpected developments. You’ll also be able to clearly delegate tasks to your staff members and tell your talent when and where they need to set up, so it’s a win-win all around. Before your event, spend time creating a timeline. It doesn’t have to be super-exact; knowing where everyone should be at certain times of the day should be enough.

    Pick the right venue

    Location is everything when it comes to an eSports venue. You don’t want somewhere that’s going to scream cheap or budget, but at the same time, the venue needs to be accessible and affordable to your audience. Knowing who your demographic is will be key here. Are you pitching mostly to fans or to industry insiders? Pick an appropriate venue based on what your audience looks like. Talk to the people who are organising your event with you and figure out where the best venue might be. It needs to be easy to find, reputable, and well-maintained.

    Don’t neglect marketing

    If you don’t market your event, how can you expect people to be able to find it? You’ll have trouble attracting an audience if your event isn’t well-publicised. Find the places your audience frequents most – forums, websites, et cetera – and put the word out where possible. Conventional advertising can work, but it’s better to stick to street-level word of mouth when it comes to eSports because that’s where your audience mostly resides. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues if there’s anything they can do to help spread the word. 

    Analyse your event afterward

    Once your event is all said and done, it’s not over. Take a step back and take stock of what you did well and what could be done differently next time. Were there any moments where you thought the organisation, the execution, or the planning could have been improved? Your next eSports event will always be better than your last one since you’ll have had time to ruminate and think about how to improve. Don’t be too critical of yourself – you’ve pulled off an event, and that’s no mean feat. Just make sure you’re always keeping an eye on the future.


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