Guide To Power Leveling In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

There’s power leveling designed to reach max levels as quickly as possible, and there’s speedrunning that allows you to enjoy more of the process and content. This article provides tips for doing both while maximizing your experience with WoW’s new expansion pack—Dragonflight.  

  • Prep for leveling 

While most players will be focused on farming gold to help clear out mobs and dungeons and complete quests, you can do a few things beforehand to optimize your character for leveling. This includes the following: 

  • Keep your inventory clean: Dragonflight features an abundance of quests that will take up a lot of inventory space. As such, taking time to clear your inventory of unnecessary items will make the leveling process smoother, avoiding instances where you miss a rare drop because of a jam-packed bag.  
  • Be smart with what you pack: If you’re playing with anything other than a healer or a tank, you will need an adequate supply of healing potions to minimize recovery time and level non-stop.  
  • Practice dragonriding: The new feature lets you traverse the Dragon Isles and complete quests faster. And while it takes some getting used to, when you grasp the concept, it introduces a new way to experience the World of Warcraft.  


As you’ll learn when you start playing the new expansion pack, there’s no one way to do power leveling. Different characters and factors open Dragonflight to creative strategies, depending on the type of gaming experience you want. However, if you wish to enjoy the content with the best gear possible, you can employ a WoW power leveling service.  

  • Avoid anything optional 

Sticking to campaign quests (listed separately in your quest journal) allows you to steer clear of the crowds without fully committing to speedrunning. This entails skipping profession quests and others not marked as “Campaign.” While this approach maxes out at around level 67.5 (without rested bonus XP), it provides plenty of options when you get to the end, avoiding over-farmed and overpopulated areas as you grind the last couple of levels.  

The dragonriding opening questline is the one exception to this rule, as having your mount buddy with its first set of boosts and abilities gives you an advantage throughout the game. In addition, getting the dragonriding glyphs from the first zone lets you maximize speed.  

Of course, you can always get WoW raid boosting & carry services to speed up the grinding process and enjoy the benefits of all the best gear.   

  • Activate War Mode 

Turning on War Mode allows players to receive 10-15% more XP for killing mobs or completing quests. You can turn this mode on by going into Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Keep in mind, though, that War Mode also enables PvP mode.   

  • Take advantage of Rested Bonus 

The game awards players a Rested Bonus when offline, allowing them to gain XP during inactive hours. Remember to rest your character inside an inn or a major city before going offline to take full advantage of the Rested Bonus.  

  • Don’t overlook bonus objectives 

You can find bonus objectives (world quests) on your mini map outlined in yellow. Completing these quests allows you to gain invaluable XP. However, remember to focus on the main quests, where you’ll find these bonus objectives.  

  • Level with friends 

Completing group quests like clearing out dungeons allows you to gain significant amounts of XP while helping save time. Another way you can level with friends is by talking to dragonriding trainer Lithragosa in the city of Valdrakken. This enables you to take your buddy as a dragonriding passenger, allowing you to take turns getting glyphs as the other takes a break.   

  • Complete dungeon quests 

Anyone who’s spent time exploring the WoW realms knows that completing dungeon quests lets you get additional XP. However, if you want to gain the maximum XP, play as a healer or tank when completing your dungeons, as doing so also makes it easier to find groups.   

  • Pack your bags with these items 

Several items and consumables give characters super speed, allowing players to zip through areas and complete quests significantly faster.  

These include the following: 

  • Guild cloak: Remember to get a guild cloak from your vendor in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. This item lets you set your hearth anywhere in the Dragon Isles, effectively allowing you to teleport for supplies and other errands. Moreover, getting a guild banner is best, as it will enable you to gain XP while killing monsters in one area for an extended period. 
  • Fried Bonefish: This item gives characters a 282-speed rating boost after killing a monster that awards XP.  
  • Fortified Speed cloak enchant: This Shadowlands item adds 30 to your speed rating.  
  • Gunshoes: This item allows characters to move at 200% speed for 25 seconds.  
  • Straddling Jewel Doublet: This gem adds a 13-speed rating for every equipped Shadowlands gem.  

While Dragonriding helps players to move around the Dragon Isles faster, these speed boosts allow you to kill mobs and get through incidental runs quicker.   

  • Use the new interact key shortcut 

This new shortcut lets you assign the new interact key to any button. You can do this by following the steps below: 

  • Click “Options” in the System menu.
  • Search for “Interact.”  
  • Enable the Interact Key and assign a hotkey to interact with a target.

Using this with an auto-accept mod allows you to interact with any NPCs in range with one button.  

Taking the scenic route 

For gamers who prefer to take everything in and not stress about setting record speeds, you can still get from level 60 to 70 in around 14 hours of gameplay. This approach lets you absorb every content and interaction with NPCs (non-playable characters) while avoiding crowds. If this appeals to you, it’s best to log out during peak hours and schedule your time in the Dragon Isles during slower hours. This lets you explore valleys for rare items, gather nodes, and get all the dragonriding glyphs.   

Final words 

Before you enter the world of Dragonflight, it’s best to decide if the benefits of speedrunning are worth missing out on the story and all the new content released. While speed-leveling gives you an advantage in PVP (Player vs. Player) and PVE (Player vs. Environment), there’s no need to force it if it takes the fun out of the game.


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