Golf With Your Friends Review: Friendly experience with some limitations

    May is a month of Spring, new beginnings, hot temperatures, and exciting games. One of them arrived last week, and it’s already much more than we thought. Golf With Your Friends, which is available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, allows you to play simultaneous golf with up to 12 players. Thus, you get to choose whether you’ll do it online or in a local hot-seat mode. Whether you are a golf fan or you find that it’s a great game to connect you with your friends and family, this game aims to offer more.

    But what does this crazy golf game do to enthrall your attention and take you down on an amusement-trip? In Golf With Your Friends, all the players can put at the same time while also going through all of the courses with the game modifiers such as hockey balls, jetpacks, and bouncy ground. Thus, you get to see various sceneries and settings like an explosive Worms theme, a space station, and a pirate bay. If you don’t find that to be enough, you can also stylize your golf balls by putting hats on them or collecting other cosmetics during the game.

    You might find these details intriguing, but what interests you is it worth purchasing and what are the features. No worries, we have played for you and analyzed, leaving more time for you to play and less to wonder.

    Features, pros, and cons

    There are twelve themes, with The Escapist being the latest one to debut on Steam. This theme induces adrenaline rush as you navigate through a prison map with escapists characters and obstacles. Each course has 18 holes, which means that it demands practice to acquire mastery and beat other players. Also, you don’t have to wait for a shot, as everyone can launch whenever. The chat command will allow you to talk with both friends and enemies as it has a set of quick and easy phrases.

    Therefore, you won’t lack having fun with this one. You might even find it too hard to attain the Par for most holes. That means that you can also play this game million times and still discover a new way to fight it. Indeed, the levels might be chaotic at times, but it will keep you entertained and challenged.

    What might be rated as a minus, is that it might dishearten new players. As you play each course more and more times, you get to detect and remember the most efficient routes for each hole. Thanks to this, you will obtain a better result than a newbie. Being a multiplayer game, you will hardly stand a chance against more experienced players. Not everyone stands an equal chance in this one.

    There is one detail you might notice as you progress through the game, which maybe you will find annoying. Each course has one single music track playing on the loop for roughly 30 minutes, so it might feel as if you were stuck in a sinister elevator with the dullest song. However, that detail shouldn’t stop us from casting light on the amazing five main game modes. Those are Classic, Dunk, Hockey, Explore, and Party, each having something different to introduce, even if it’s only blending two modes. What makes them more amusing is the greater ability to customize. As for this, you can change the bounciness of the ground, choose to collide with your opponents’ balls and turn your ball into an egg. How does that manifest? It affects the way your ball rolls and how far it goes.

    Nevertheless, some of the Switch features are lacking compared to the original PC version. While the courses in Nintendo’s release will be exciting for quite some time, at some point, you will experience them all. The PC version had a potentially unlimited number of themes as there was a course creation tool that you could use to share and download creations on the Steam Workshop.

    Also, this game is better when played with friends you know. It makes it easier to get a match, and here is not possible to rename players in local multiplayer. That can seem detached and cold. Thus, there are no avatars to represent you. You only get to see a ball with ’’Player 1’’. There is another flaw due to players having to take turns when playing, so the experience of togetherness while playing should be enhanced. If you don’t mind this issue, you will get to enjoy whether you are playing online or sharing a couch with your roommate.

    An engaging experience with minor flaws

    Golf with your friends is a clever game with quite a few twists and colorful setting. There is a sense of variety, and its point is the multiplayer option. It is also a game with a sense of party, and it’s dynamical, so you won’t get bored easily. However, to give you an honest conclusion, it is necessary to mention flaws such as waiting for matchmaking to find co-players, or not having an equal chance when playing with strangers. If you don’t take the game too seriously and choose to share this engaging experience with your friends, you will probably enjoy it twice as much.

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