EA Sports FC 24 Release Date Revealed: What To Expect From The Game That Replaces FIFA 24

    Way back in May 2022, it was revealed that the long-standing institution that is the FIFA video game series would be undergoing a fundamental change.

    EA, it turned out, had failed to reach an agreement with football organisation FIFA, which had given its name to EA’s flagship video game franchise since 1993, and so the franchise would be changing its name.

    FIFA, EA said, would become EA Sports FC, and the franchise would adopt this moniker going forward. The studio was quick to assure fans that nothing else about FIFA would be changing; modes like Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team would remain, as would the Volta Football feature and much more.

    Now, EA Sports FC 24 looms on the horizon, and it’s time to start wondering what the name change has wrought for the franchise. Here’s what we can expect from the game that will replace FIFA 24 (although, in practical terms, it’s basically just FIFA 24).


    EA Sports FC 24 release date – when is football coming home?

    According to EA, the very first EA Sports FC 24 will be released on September 29th, which puts it at around three weeks after the English football season officially starts. 

    Perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, EA Sports FC 24 will also launch for every major console currently on the market; it won’t just be hitting PS5 and Xbox Series X/S after all.

    That means you can enjoy the game on last-gen consoles and even on Nintendo Switch, although EA’s track record when it comes to Switch ports of their FIFA games should probably make you a little sceptical if you’re planning to pick the game up on Switch.


    EA Sports FC 24 name – why has it changed from FIFA?

    Technically speaking, EA hasn’t actually disclosed an official reason for its name change, which has left some fans flummoxed; some FIFA players are taking to social media to express disbelief that their beloved franchise now has a completely different identity.

    However, EA has reportedly stated in the past that it didn’t want to “pay a premium” in order to obtain the FIFA licence for each year’s game. Supposedly, FIFA asked EA to pay $1 billion dollars over four years in order to secure the licence, and EA understandably baulked at being asked to pay such a high amount.

    Of course, this is largely speculation, and we don’t know for sure that this is the reason behind the name change. What we know is that EA hasn’t secured the FIFA licence, and so EA Sports FC 24 is borne out of a business decision rather than any real desire to change the branding.


    EA Sports FC 24 features – what can we expect from the game?

    In all likelihood, EA Sports FC 24 will play very similarly to FIFA; EA has gone to great lengths to ensure that fans know this is very much the same game they know and love.

    As we’ve previously stated, many of the iconic FIFA game modes you’re familiar with will very much be present in EA Sports FC 24, but what else is making the transition? Here are the gameplay features we know we can expect from EA Sports FC 24 when it launches in September.

    • HyperMotionV. EA is making a big deal of its HyperMotionV technology, which will only be available on the current-gen (i.e. PS5, Xbox Series, and PC) versions of the game. This tech recreates “authentic motion” through volumetric data, so you can expect EA Sports FC 24 to look and feel very much like the real thing.
    • The debut of women’s football in the Ultimate Team mode. Continuing its admirable efforts to incorporate women’s football more directly into its games, EA is introducing women’s football to Ultimate Team, so you can now build your perfect team from various women’s leagues around the world.
    • PlayStyles. According to EA, PlayStyles uses “real-world player data from Opta and other sources” to give a unique feel to each player on the pitch, meaning that players play more individually and less like character models.
    • Merged Clubs and Volta football, plus crossplay. The Clubs (previously known as Pro Clubs) and Volta Football modes have been merged, and players can now play with each other across different platforms; PS5 and Xbox Series players can play together, alongside PC players, while PS4 and Xbox One players can also face off against one another or team up together.
    • No World Cup content. Since the World Cup is technically a FIFA brand, you won’t be seeing any World Cup branding in EA Sports FC 24. However, you can still expect to see lots of the same licences you’re already familiar with, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, and 115 stadiums. It’s not entirely clear exactly what licences we can expect, but we’ll find out when the game is released.


    What will happen to FIFA?

    Although EA Sports FC 24 marks the end of EA’s partnership with FIFA, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re never going to see the FIFA moniker on a game again.

    FIFA head Gianni Infantino has stated that the organisation intends to team up with another developer or publisher in order to make its own rival to EA Sports FC 24, and has also said that FIFA’s game will be “the only authentic, real game” available. Them’s fightin’ words!

    It remains to be seen whether or not FIFA’s potential game will have the quality necessary to challenge EA’s offerings, but there won’t be a FIFA 24 this year, so EA has some time to establish its EA Sports FC brand and build recognition. We’ll have to see whether any competition emerges in future.


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