We the Community (Part 2) – Viewers Make Streams Happen

    There are many things that go into a Twitch stream and that is not just the broadcasters job, weight lies on the viewer’s shoulders to make a good stream happen. Last time we looked at streaming on Twitch from the viewpoint of the broadcaster, now let’s look at the viewpoint of the most common person, the viewers themselves. Each viewer is unique in their own way from how they found the website to how they interact on the site, as you can tell from ShezzaSid, DeathsAbyss, and Brownerz66.

    All three have jobs as mods in different streams and sometimes the same and if you spot them while watching another stream take eye to them and see how they mingle with the community as a viewer. Each viewer has his or her own unique way of making chat fun. Some are the “class clowns” often turns into a Troll in some instances but the “class clown” is often a good fun person to talk to in chat when they are being respectable. Then you’ll have the often-serious viewer who wants to advice the streamer into how to improve their game, they may take chat and the stream a bit more serious. These viewers can be found in every stream you just need to read carefully and you’ll be able to pin point which viewer is which character.


    1. How did you find Twitch? And why do you continue to watch it?

    ShezzaSid: I found twitch through Syndicate when he started promoting it in his YouTube videos. I now follow many different streamers small and large and continue to watch streamers because I love been a part of their communities.

    DeathsAbyss: I found twitch through League of Legends worlds because riot games always streams the worlds matches. I continue to watch twitch because it is a neat community and I want to be more involved in the community.

    Brownerz66: I found twitch…pretty much by chance. I believe I saw someone I liked on YouTube say in a video that they were going to start streaming, so I clicked the link in their description and…here I am! I continue to watch because it’s given me the opportunity to connect with a lot of people and make some very good friends


    1. Who are the top three streamers you watch and why?

    ShezzaSid: I still continue to watch Syndicate very regular when he streams, as I am a massive fan of all of his content. Also I watch a small stream called Harleyxngel because I find her very funny and entertaining to watch. Lastly I watch another small streamer called KierzOfWar because he I met him at Insomnia 58 gaming event and he is a really good person and amazing streamer!

    DeathsAbyss: The top three streamers I watch are Sovitia, Pokemonrul432, and lilypichu. For Sovitia, the reason I watch her stream is because she is always trying to interact with the viewers and is always totally down to earth. Pokemonrul432, what can I say, after watching his stream I totally connected with him outside of stream and now we are pretty good friends so I like to hang out while he streams and interact with his viewers. Lilypichu, she’s hilarious, she has a very gently voice and usually does not outrage during stream but once someone pisses her off the beast unleashes.

    Brownerz66: The first and my top streamer to watch is KierzOfWar – The Stream, Kieran is a good friend of mine and I’ve been a part of his channel and watched it grow since pretty much the beginning, He is a very open man, and is always taking time to read and respond to everybody in his chat. The second streamer I watch is my friend Sheridan, or ShezzaSid, on twitch, He streams on his Xbox One, which is a console I own, and always lets viewers such as myself join in his games if and when he is able too. The third would be…. My friend Dan, or as he goes on twitch; Pokemonrul432, who is also a good friend of mine, and his always streams a variety of games to keep his viewers entertained.


    1. What does the Twitch community mean to you?

    ShezzaSid: The Twitch community means a lot to me I love been able to make new friends over the Internet and joining in and taking part in streamers communities all while watching some of my favourite video games.

    DeathsAbyss: The twitch community is like a big family to me, honestly I cannot express how much joy I get while streaming and interacting with fellow gamers, it is a fantastic experience that is difficult to express to anyone who has not experience the same feeling.

    Brownerz66: The twitch community to me, is very…. separated. Obviously everyone has their favourites – hell, I have mine and I’d defend them to the end, but sometimes Streamers can take advantage of that and use their large fan base to clash with another’s who they may not get on with, although that is only from a news story I read about. From my personal experience, although there is the occasional upset from some people, the community is very kind and most get on very well with each other.


    1. Are you a mod for any channel? If so, whom and what does that job entail?

    ShezzaSid: I am a mod for one streamer. Called DannyBoyPlayz this job involves timing out users who are been abusive, racist or are causing any other form of hate to another viewer or the streamer him self and also helping the stream run smoothing with commands.

    DeathsAbyss: I’m currently a mod for only one channel and that is Pokemonrul432’s channel, honestly being a mod means being involved in the community of viewers and being the arm of the streamer as almost another source of entertainment for the viewers.

    Brownerz66: Yes I am a mod for a few channels; Some Examples being KierzOfWar, Pokemonrul432 and DeathsAbyss. Being a moderator means I look after the streamers chat whilst he or she is busy, Banning or timing out people who have came just to harass the streamer or the viewers, and just make sure everyone involved has a pleasant experience throughout the stream.


    1. What is the meaning behind your username?


    ShezzaSid: My username is ShezzaSid I was actually thinking for a long time one day about fancy names and things I could do to make my name look cool but I kept changing my mind. Then I just had an idea of putting my nickname and the first bit of my surname together and that’s what I have now and I think it sounds cool to be honest.

    DeathsAbyss: My username honestly does not actually have much meaning at all, I was sitting down one day trying to come up with a decent username so I was like, “okay, lets put death in my username because why the heck not, but now we need something else because my username cant be death…. what’s a cool word…. abyss, Abyss of death? No, no, no, DeathAbyss? Sounds a little strange…. Deaths…Abyss… THERE WE GO I GOT IT.” And yeah that’s basically how I came up with my username LOL.

    Brownerz66: My username, Brownerz66 is actually a nickname of mine, coming from my Surname; Brown, and my favourite Number, 6.

    So now that you’ve seen the viewpoint of the viewers and the viewpoint of the streamer you’ll be able to appreciate the Twitch community a little more. If you aren’t already apart of the community stop bye say hello find some streamers you like and join their community. If you’re currently on Twitch continue to be apart of the community, you are what makes the streamer do what they do, they stream to entertain you and bring a source of happiness to your day. As a streamer myself I am grateful for my viewers and the way they change my stream from someone like KierzOfWar, AvengersStark, and CaptainQuack101.


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