Call of Duty Warzone finally introduces highly-anticipated BR Duos

Infinity Ward, the studio behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, finally introduced a new playlist option, BR Duos!

Thankfully, Infinity Ward made the right call to have BR Duos as a permanent addition to the rest of the BR modes (Solos, Trios and Quads), instead of having to delete one of them so BR Duos can replace the removed one. Warzone has been standing in the spotlight for way too long now thanks to its huge success and players have been demanding more and more from Infinity Ward. One of the demands was BR Duos, because Trios and especially Quads sometimes feel over-crowded, and the terrible matchmaking system that Warzone uses didn’t help at all to at least fill up remaining open spots (when using FILL) in an incomplete trios or quads squad.

Now players can team up with a buddy they think they got great synergy with and join up the fight vs duo squads! Infinity Ward hasn’t announced that they made any changes to specifically BR Duos to make them feel more balanced for squads of two (like how they did to BR Solos and BR Quads) but that’s maybe for a good reason. Maybe BR Duos is the sweet spot for players and no changes have to be made to make it feel a more balanced experience.

Make a duo squad with a buddy, grab your favourite loadout and shoot your way through squads of two to victory now! BR Duos are currently available in Call of Duty Warzone! 


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