Best Puzzle-based Video Games of All Time

    Video games usually include different levels to challenge the player. They’re meant to push the player to acquire new gaming skills. But no other games are quite as testing as puzzle-based games, which involve the use of cognitively stimulating logic tests.

    There are many mind-boggling console games out there to play. These are our favorite ones.

    1. Rubik’s Cube bingo

    Since the Rubik’s Cube came out in the 70s, our idea of what a puzzle is has been altered and constantly challenged. The classic game has changed with time, and this is demonstrated in the game Rubik’s Cube on Buzz Bingo, where players can play bingo online. Based on the original 1974 Rubik’s Cube, it uses the classic 5×3 square cube, and it’s a real head-scratcher. Players must line up the squares to have a shot at winning. It’s unique in that it combines a puzzle with bingo, the nation’s favorite classic tabletop game.

    The Rubik’s Cube’s transition into an online bingo game reveals just how much technology and society have changed. From a plastic puzzle to a retro, interactive online game, it’s still delighting the nation – just in a slightly different format.

    2. Portal 2

    This is one of the most popular and infamous puzzle games out there. Released in 2011, it has maintained its popularity for over a decade. The gameplay involves the use of portals (obviously) to maneuver around objects. It challenges the player whilst teaching them at a constantly engaging rate. It also contains the developer’s signature dark humor, along with the comedic use of potatoes as a symbol throughout. Aside from being a fantastic puzzle game with a co-op option, it’s been repeatedly called one of the best games ever made by several critics.

    3. Superliminal

    Similar to Portal 2, Superliminal involves being placed into a room with a series of optical illusions and moving objects. The goal is to escape a never-ending dream loop. The game has intense surrealist elements that could only be found in the wackiest of dreams. It truly messes with your mind, whilst also challenges the brain. If you’re looking for a game that provides a stiff logic challenge with an eerie feeling to make your skin crawl ever so slightly, this is definitely for you.

    4. The Turing Test

    The newest of the three games, The Turing Test features a storyline set in a dystopian future. It uses Alan Turing’s Turing test to create tension between NPC human characters and an NPC computer character. The task at hand, then, is to solve the various puzzles throughout and try to navigate the difficult interaction between person and machine. A highly modernized version of the battle between human and animal, it pushes the player into deep thought of what’s to come in tech.

    Puzzles Keep Evolving

    These are our favorites for now, but with puzzles constantly changing with the public consciousness, we’re curious about what comes next. We expect to see puzzling video games set in versions of the Metaverse and Black Mirror-esque worlds, much like The Turing Test.


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