The Best Games Consoles for 2018

With so many new consoles coming out every year it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a new machine. Some consoles offer the latest technology such as 4K graphics to give the ultimate high-tech experience. Other machines are simpler and offer an almost retro cool vibe, along with great functionality. Whether you’re looking for the most sophisticated console or a budget machine, there is a product that’s perfect for you in 2018.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X is a great choice if top graphics is the most important consideration for your games console. This gives fantastic realism and powerful 4K HD graphics working at 60 frames a second. You can experience this realistic, highly detailed imagery to bring the games to life. The games for Xbox One are compatible with the new Xbox One X so you can still keep your old games. There are even plans to allow Original Xbox and Xbox 360 backward compatibility to this console so it will be super-flexible for your old games. This flexibility is useful for all players, whether you like adventure titles, war games or fun bingo games, such as Bingo Party or Bingo Hall, which are great ways to enjoy the fun of online bingo sites on your Xbox One X console.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect choice if you’re looking for mobility. The whole design of this machine is so that it can be carried around, while still being great to play at home. Other features of the Nintendo Switch include split screen functionality and snap-off mobile controllers, making it ideal to play with friends. You can enjoy games developed from third-party publishers, so this is a great choice if you’re looking for variety.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB

PlayStation is the most popular console brand out there right now with 62% of the whole gaming market. The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB is the new version of the classic console and gives gamers even more power with 4K high definition graphics and video streaming. There are over one and a half thousand games available for the PS4 which can all be played in HD with this new Pro console. Its multimedia options are excellent too with the facility to play Blu-rays, and stream music and TV shows. The Playstation 3 is another contender for players who want the best backwards compatibility.

Xbox 360 E

For budget conscious gamers, the Xbox 360 E console is hard to beat. This machine offers an excellent range of essentials including built-in Wi-Fi and one month access to Xbox Live Gold, the useful online service with cooperative play and discounted games. It comes with just 4GB but can be extended easily with add-ons making this a super-flexible machine. There are 1200 games in the catalogue of Xbox games and this keeps rising. You can also stream TV shows, watch HD movies, and play DVDs for great multimedia capabilities. For under $200 this is a top choice for those looking for a budget machine that still delivers a punch.

Nintendo Wii U

If you’re looking for the best family-friendly entertainment, it’s hard to beat the Nintendo Wii U. This console offers E rated games which are suitable for everyone so this is an ideal option if you are looking for a console for the kids. Nintendo Wii U is also pure fun and although the games might not offer the same kind of sophistication you can get elsewhere, for the joy of gaming this is a great choice. This version of the Wii comes with screens on the gamepad controllers, so kids can play on their own handheld controller if the TV is being used for shows. There are single and multi-players games and the Wii U can also be played with regular Wii controllers so this compatibility means you don’t have to buy more hardware.

Nintendo 3DS XL

If handheld gaming is your style you can’t do better than the Nintendo 3DS XL. This little console started off with the early Gameboy and has developed into a sophisticated machine capable of 3D graphics and with a catalogue of over 1200 games. The Nintendo 3DS XL is compatible with games from the Nintendo DS, so you can still enjoy all your old titles. This console is Wi-Fi enabled and can play single and multi-players games, both locally and online. It is lightweight for easy mobility and you can also get it in a range of different colours, so this can feel truly personalised.

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