The Best Apps for the iPhone 7 You Should Download

    With an A10 chip, impressive camera, stereo speakers and a color range that’ll have you forget about AMOLEDs, Apple’s new flagship device is a serious force to be reckoned with. However, as it always goes with new phones, if you keep using the same old apps with your new hardware specs, you’re not actually taking advantage of its full potential.

    So, if you have the new iPhone 7 but don’t feel like installing Crashlands or your online casino from (this site has real money online casinos by Microgaming, please be wise with your cash) on it, check out this list of the best apps to fully exploit your new iphone7 hardware with. 

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


    A must for any shutterbug, the Adobe Lightroom is a portable photo editing studio that can cover all your photography needs easily. Capture stunning photos with your camera, give them a touch of Photoshop magic and sync them across ever iOS device within in a few easy swipes on the Lightroom. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, there’s really no better app to complement your camera with than this one – all right, except for the next app on this list.

    FiLMiC Pro


    If you’re looking for more than just your regular photo editing app, the FiLMic Pro is the ultimate mobile solution for both your photographs and video. An app that’s been used for filming Apple ads and the Sundance film “Tangerine”, FiLMic Pro comes with a whole host of features that can turn your iPhone 7 into a portable film studio. However, it does also come at a price, but don’t all great things do? 

    Sky Guide

    If you’re more of an Astronomy geek than a photographer, Sky Guide is your perfect companion to your iPhone 7. A beautiful app that takes full advantage of the iPhone’s camera and screen, this star map and tracker will make it hard to stay indoors again. In a nutshell, what makes Sky Guide great are the following specs:

    • A database of 2.5 million stars;
    • Event scheduler for sunrises, planet appearances, satellites etc;
    • X-ray scanner for invisible stars;
    • No need for WiFi, data plans, or GPS;
    • Information packed and simple to use. 

    Geometry Wars 3


    Geometry Wars 3 might not be a new app, but it is still one of the best apps for any iPhone 7 user who hasn’t given it a shot. With stunning graphics, immersive audio and unique gameplay, this app is a top pick for those who want to fully exploit the new hardware, but also get some great thrills. If you have the cash to spare for it give it a try – you’ll definitely not regret it. 

    Barrier X

    Free, extremely fast paced and flawlessly designed, Barrier X is the best alternative for those who want great games but don’t want to spend any cash to buy them. At its surface Barrier X is a 80s style, simple racer game with electrifying soundtrack and graphics, but outside of it is so much more.  However, if you don’t want to waste hours playing games, then avoid this game at all costs. You’ve been warned.

    Deus Ex Go

    The Deus Ex franchise needs no introductions to both older generation of gamers and new ones. Well, the Deus Ex Go is the long anticipated mobile installment of the franchise, which was only released a month-two ago.

    Developed by Square Enix, the same guys behind Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go, this fully immersive puzzle game is a must for any fan of Deus Ex but also those who like to keep their brain sharp. In short, where this game excels is by offering the following:

    • A continuation of the Deus Ex universe;
    • 50 puzzle story levels;
    • An intertwining storyline across all levels;
    • Great visuals and audio effects;
    • Challenging, yet not frustrating to play.

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