Michael Craig

Hello, I'm Michael! I like to play video games, obviously, and my very first console was the original PlayStation I got as a kid. Considering it came out the same year I was born, I've been gaming for quite some time now. My favourite games of all time include Dragon Age: Origins, Portal 2, the entire of the Batman Arkham series, and many others. It's also a safe guess that if you can't find me, I'm likely hooked to my PS4 either still trying to work my way through the Witcher 3, or 100% Ratchet and Clank. I can be a slow gamer.

New to the series? Mafia 3’s Cool Backstory & History

If you’re interested in Mafia 3, but haven’t played the first two, fear not! There isn’t much you need to know anyway, but let’s take a look. The original Mafia released back in 2002, and its sequel came out 8 years later in 2010. I loved both of the games, as did most critics at the time. Both had original…

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