How to Attract Good Luck to Win Games of Chance?

    It is said that money does not bring happiness, but, it makes our lives easier, right? Sometimes all our work and sacrifice is not enough to make ends meet. We see the advertisements of the television, showing happy people because they have just won the lottery, or smiling out of a casino. Why not try then to attract good luck to win in games of chance?

    “I’ve never won anything”, “I’m not lucky”, “I only lose money”, we heard our acquaintances say, even to ourselves. The conviction that we will never be lucky in the game is the main way to block us. To the luck it is necessary to call it! Live voice and putting the best of ourselves to make it appear. Feeling lucky depends on ourselves … and it works much more than we can believe.

    Luck is a force, an energy that acts under laws that we are not able to define scientifically. To connect with the positive energies of luck, we must free ourselves from our fears, from our mental limitations. Luck has a lot to do with our positive attitude, which attracts circumstances of the same nature.

    Sometimes worries can immobilize us, we go to the game as a desperate way out of a bad economic moment, then we play when the jackpot exceeds 100 million dollars … the chances of winning the lottery will be quite poor … Lotteries, like what’s provided by, always have winners, people who play every week, not only when there are high prizes. They are surely optimistic people, who are sure that with perseverance, someday they will achieve it.

    According to Dr. Richard Wiseman, a renowned English psychologist and researcher, he said luck is not magic, but an adequate mental state. According to his research, conducted over many years, Wiseman argues that fortune, ultimately, depends on ourselves. He proposes to listen to the inner voice, follow the hunches, and be positive in the expectations regarding events over which it seems that we do not have so much influence.

    Always play the same numbers? Why not? There are numbers that we choose, that accompany us, that we see everywhere. We must be attentive to coincidences as behind every coincidence there is a message, there are subtle calls for attention before which it is worthwhile to be attentive. Being faithful to a number for many seems silly, or does not give results, but always playing the same number in the lottery, or roulette, increases your chances of winning.

    After all, luck is a ductile current and has many variables. To familiarize yourself with its rules, keep in mind that, if you think you have no luck, you are choosing the facts that confirm this belief … and fortune will pass by.

    Forget the complaints, forget the “I do not win anything”, “not worth it”, “anyone has more luck than me”. These words are nothing more than self-sabotage. To call luck, to obtain it, you must first have called it. It is not that difficult to change your attitude, it does not cost anything either. You will succeed in maintaining a positive stance and convoking prosperity with strength and faith.


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