Best Apps and Games to Learn to Play Casino Games

    Casinos are one of the more popular destinations for conventions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and family reunions.   For some guests the thought of visiting a casino brings on a bout of nerves for those guests that are unfamiliar with how to play the various games.

    However thanks to video games it is easy to learn how to play almost any game in the casino prior to the event.  Learning the rules and the basic strategies not only gives players confidence it also helps minimize loses and maximize wins.  These games are also good for players that want to start playing at online casinos as well.

    Blackjack 21 HD

    This is a fairly no-frills app that offers only basic blackjack.  It’s best for players that want to learn and practice basic strategy, although it can also be used to test some of the betting “systems.” (As an aside betting systems do not really work.)

    25 in 1 Casino and Sportsbook

    This is a really big app which covers most of the games found in any casino. The inclusion of a sportsbook also helps new sports bettors understand the odds and payoffs commonly found in sportsbooks.  Another advantage is that the number of adds on the app is fairly small.  This app is pretty well suited for those looking to play the games with a large number of possible bets like craps or online roulette games.

    Full House Casino

    Although this app is heavy on slots and video poker, it does have other table games including baccarat, roulette and some of the newer poker styled table games.


    Thanks in large part to the James Bond movies; baccarat has a mystique unlike any other casino game. This bargain priced console game provides a great way for players who are neither spies nor millionaires to learn to play the game.  Like some of the other bargain priced games the graphics leave a little to be desired, but the play is solid.  In addition players can experience the thrill of virtual high stakes games as they build their bankroll to the point where they are invited into the VIP room.

    Lucky Win Casino

    Like many of the apps this one is heavy on slots but includes a number of table games and poker. It also features tournament play for most games which can come in handy as most casinos offer daily slots and frequent blackjack tournaments.

    Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an interesting console casino game that combines the action game genre with casino games.  The game allows you to play and socialize with up to 31 other online players. The casino action has garnered a lot of rave reviews.

    Casino Nights

    The graphics on Casino Nights are a bit old-school as is the design. However, it is a pure casino console game with roulette, slots, video poker, blackjack and other games.  It can usually be found at bargain prices as well.


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