A Complete Guide to No Deposit Bonuses

    Hand in hand with online casinos you have a wide palette of attractive offers which make the whole world of online gambling even more exciting. No deposit bonus is one of the most common, so let us see what’s behind it!

    Get to know No Deposit Bonus 

    Nothing comes for free, many would say, but is it actually like that? There’s some truth in this, but there are many freebies you can get, just if you know where to look for them and how to turn these free stuff working for you.

    « This is the most common bonus offered by and others online casinos, and there are few different offers which are considered as No Deposit Bonus. It’s a sort of welcome expressed by casinos to make all players, particularly new ones, feel fine about choosing that casino particularly. Whatever you type in when searching for casinos, whether it’s Aristocrat free slot games or best casinos for playing poker, many attractive bonuses will pop up.»

    How many No Deposit Bonuses are there? 

    It’s actually more than one type of bonus, coming in a few different forms. When one signs up, he/she gets a welcome bonus, which can be activated only if one hasn’t deposited in any of online casinos before. Any amount of cash that one gets to play with is called bonus cash. Sometimes one may get free credits to be used for playing within a certain period of time, and that is called free play. A player may not always get cash, but some other form of freebies, such as free spins. They can be used either on one or more games.  If a player loses for certain time, he/she may get some money in return, and that’s cashback.

    What one needs to know about No Deposit Bonuses? 

    Now that you know that there is more than one type of this bonus, there are few more important things. First of all, you must know that this bonus is not a catch, but there are some rules and conditions regarding it, which may be considered a bit unfair. However, if you read all about that in advance, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises. Here I shall introduce you to two most common doubts.

    Are bonuses cashable?

    In short, yes, but only under certain circumstances. There are two types of this bonus- sticky (non-cashable) and non-sticky (cashable).  When a player meets the wagering requirements, he can collect all the money he/she won, including a bonus, and that’s a non-sticky bonus. However, if a player is allowed to withdraw money only from winnings, but not from bonuses as well, that’s a sticky one. Some people call it a phantom bonus, because it can be used for playing, but cannot become real cash.

    How to meet wagering requirements for cashing out bonuses? 

    Another big issue is wagering requirements. This is where most gamblers think of bonuses as unfair, but as I said, there have to be some conditions to be fulfilled so that one can withdraw money. Let’s use an example to explain it simply. If wagering requirements are 20 times and you were given 200 credits, that means you will have to place bets in a total amount of 4000 credits to fulfill requirements. After that’s done, you are allowed to withdraw your money. This is where you need to pay attention is your bonus sticky or non-sticky, so that you know how much money you are allowed to withdraw.

    Final thoughts on No Deposit Bonuses 

    Besides these two, you also have to check whether a certain bonus can be claimed in your country. Even if the online casino of your choice accepts players from your country, it doesn’t mean that you will be allowed to claim the bonus. Each country has its own regulations.

    And the last thing- be sure to check out how a certain bonus gets activated. Sometimes you claim it, sometimes a code is needed, and sometimes a casino automatically redeems it for you. Only if done properly, one will be able to use the bonus.

    Now that you know all the essential information on bonuses, it’s up to you to decide which one works the best for you. Have in mind that each casino has its own rules regarding bonuses, so it is advisable to read all the terms and conditions before choosing a casino at all. This particularly goes for depositing and withdrawing money, since these are the most delicate categories. Only when one is completely aware of what a certain bonus brings and how one can use it, gambling will be an ultimate fun.


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