9th Generation Consoles: Who Should Make The First Move?

As the Nintendo Switch enters the 8th generation of technology, both Sony and Microsoft are already pondering the opportunity to move a step closer to the 9th generation. After all, Sony’s PS4 Pro is already capable of maximizing the capabilities of a 4K TV, whilst also introducing virtual reality to the masses. That’s not to mention Microsoft’s upcoming efforts to introduce a similar console; the Scorpio. Here’s the problem; you need a giant leap to jump from one generation to another. In other words, we are half way there towards the 9th generation, potentially. Confused? Read on.

Your smartphone is likely connected to a 3G or 4G internet connection, however, they both share something in common: the next big step forward is 5g (5th generation). In layman’s terms, each major leap is signified as a generation. This term doesn’t just apply to mobile internet. Thus, it is this very reason as to why the PS4 Pro wasn’t labelled the PS5, and the Xbox Scorpio will fail to deliver something on a scale anywhere near enough to reach 9th generation, too.

Nintendo’s decision to launch the Switch should certainly be considered controversial. Why? It’s not a powerhouse console that is ready to make the leap into the unknown, but rather it is ready to provide an interesting and unique alternative at the level we are currently at (8th generation). One worry I have with Nintendo is that they are taking a similar direction to that of the SEGA Dreamcast. They feel the need to react, but is what they have to offer really enough to bring along the masses of sales needed to succeed? Let’s stay faithful – this could happen and lead us onto a 9th generation console in the future from Nintendo.Microsoft’s intentions are also clear, they wish to evolve their Windows operating system and also bring to market a new console, named the Scorpio. Of course, this has many fans of the Xbox brand excited. Sadly, the Xbox One has dented faith within the brand, but hope is still high that the Scorpio can produce something different. Sadly, Microsoft’s evolved focus towards a unified operating system, Windows, might actually turn out to be a distraction from what really matters to gamers.

Sony’s introduction of virtual reality has proven successful, so far; PlayStation VR is currently the go to experience for gamers wanting to enter a new dimension of gaming – which is done really well. Furthermore, Sony’s PS4 Pro equivalently enables 4K TV owners to experience some of the best games in the richest resolution currently available. Are you sensing a trend? Sony isn’t just succeeding, but the technology they are introducing matches perfectly with the content provided.

If SEGA had of remained within the market of manufacturing consoles, then we could easily be talking about the Dreamcast 2. Still, many wish to see shock-waves sent through the gaming community by such an announcement, even though the chances of this are minute.

Simply put, Sony’s path forward isn’t technology upgrades, but rather, the games and exclusives that power their recent tech innovations – the PS4 Pro and PS VR. However, the PS4 provides the foundation layer, meaning every single person involved with the PlayStation 4 brand-cycle can get involved, whenever, and at which ever level.

Concept art of the PlayStation 5

Thinking ahead, only time will tell as to what the Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch can achieve. One thing is clear; neither console can be regarded as 9th generation. If Sony is ahead of the game, which they certainly seem to be within the console market, then wouldn’t they be in the perfect position to entertain the announcement of a 9th generation in the coming years? Other questions that we could ask might be: Would it be called the PS5? When should it actually be released? There certainly seem to be many signals suggesting that Sony is prepared to produce a 9th generation console. This will certainly be a topic that we re-visit again soon.

Who do you think should make the next move? Your views matter here at Gamerbolt, so don’t be shy; please leave your comments below.



    • So the Scorpio, being released in relatively the same space(Earth) and at a later time falls easily within 9th gen? I tend to disagree with your analysis. Generations have time elements in that whenever the last system to still be manufactured and sold stops that is the end of it. The start dates tend to coincide more with either more power or a paradigm shift in various parts of the ecosystem.

      • or a gimmick. Was the Wii the same power as a PS3 or 360? Hell no! Was the Wii U the same power as a PS4 or XBox One? Hell no, again! Why do you think the Switch will be this powerhouse when the prior 2 weren’t? I guess by that logic the Wii is part of the PS2/Xbox era, and Wii U was part of the PS3/360 era.

  1. I think this article is right. How can Nintendo Switch be classed as 9th generation? If it is only about timing then why is 2017 the year we begin to call consoles 9th generation? I believe timing is a factor, but performance is too. I am not sure there is any official way to determine. PS4 Pro remains 8th generation? Yet it surpasses the performance of Switch which you’d say is 9th generation? Yes, Wii was 7th generation. Wii U began 8th.

    Wikipedia, which isn’t the best source in the world claims “In the history of video games, the eighth generation includes consoles released since 2012 by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Computer Entertainment.”

    I believe PS5 will be the first true 9th generation system, creating a large enough leap for us to truly classify it as 9th generation.

    To be honest, It comes down to opinion.

    • First, this is why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia, the generations are all screwed up, as there’s a missing generation that was cut short in the mid-80’s that they try to lump into 2 different generations (the one that ColecoVision, Arcadia 2001, and Atari 5200 all belong in, spanning 1982 to 1986), and the New York Times first talked about the generations back in the 80’s, calling that one the next generation beyond the Atari 2600, Odyssey II, Intellivision, and others.

      Second, by your logic then, since the Wii U was under-powered as well means that it’s not part of the PS4, XBoxOne generation then, because it was essentially the same power as a PS3/360. Power isn’t what defines a generation, because the TurboGrafx-16 had an 8-bit processor, with a 16-bit graphics chip (sort of an enhanced Master System), and that’s the same as a 16-bit full processing generation.

      Clearly, Switch is the next generation that’s going to compete with PS5, XBox(some number), because not only did Nintendo call it the next generation themselves, it’s going to last long enough to be competing directly with PS5 and Microsoft.

  2. The Nintendo Switch is a 9th generation console. These idiots don’t know the meaning of next generation. Has nothing to do with what’s in the hardware. It’s a console that doesn’t relate to the previous generation. The Switch has absolutely nothing to do with the Wii or Wii U. The Wii was 7th gen and the Wii U was 8th gen. The Switch is now 9th generation. It’s the first truth 9th generation game console. Has nothing to do with power, technology or what kind of games it can play in certain resolutions.

    • Um, you’re wrong! If that were true then the virtual boy would be the 5th generation since it had nothing to do with the snes.

      But since NO ONE (not everybody you) it’s considering that a whole new gen, then your method of defining a console generation is wrong.

      • Nintendo calls it the next generation as well, so you’re arguing with the company who put out the device. Plus, unlike the only truly failed Nintendo system (it’s not even listed on their historical data like every other system, because it only lasted 5 months, not 5 years), the Switch will have a lifespan long enough to directly compete with PS5 and XBox (number), which automatically puts it into that generation, just like Wii U had a headstart, and was under-powered, by your logic Wii U is in the 360/PS3 generation.

        • Nintendo trying to hide virtual boy from his historical data only shows they can lie hence I can argue with the company who put the device.

          If they made the hardware that automatically counts, regardless of the duration on the market for said hardware.

          The fact that you can’t even accept wiiu was a failure, shows that you lack the ability to see things clearly and debate things without fanboyism clouding your judgement.

          You don’t even know when will the ps5 will be released or how many years the switch will compete against it, yet you’re already assuming things and try to fabricate a case based on… Nothing but assumptions.

    • It’s a shame then that the Xbox and GameCube were such substantial failures, because the Wii was part of the Dreamcast/PS2/XBox/GC/Wii era since they’re similar in power, which changes how that generation played out, because it goes 155 for PS2, 102 for Wii, a lousy 22 million for GameCube, an even horrible 9 million for Dreamcast, and 24 million for XBox. However, this means the Wii U was 2nd place in the next generation- the PS3, 360, Wii U generation, because PS3 and 360 ran away from it both in the 80-some million marks, and Wii U did its 14 million. This generation is going to be tough for Nintendo to win then, it’s the PS4 which is already over 70 million, the One which no one knows how far over 10 million it got since Microsoft won’t say, and Switch. This means Nintendo’s horribly losing this generation with Switch, it’s not even close to 70 million!! Since it’s a complete and utter failure, I guess Nintendo will be working on its successor to compete with PS5 and XBox (number), and not some gimmick.

  3. “One worry I have with Nintendo is that they are taking a similar direction to that of the SEGA Dreamcast. They feel the need to react, but is what they have to offer really enough to bring along the masses of sales needed to succeed?” They sold the Wii U for 5 years, they didn’t react, they gave the thing a full generation!! It just seems short, because the competitors to it didn’t come out until a year later. The Switch is the same way, it’s getting a head start, and is also based on a gimmick. Nintendo doesn’t use power now, they use gimmicks. The Wii was no where close to the PS3 or 360 in power, it had motion controls. The Wii U was no where close to the PS4 or One in power, it used a second screen to act as a home version of a DS/3DS. The Switch is no where close in power to the PS5 or XBox (number), but it uses the hybrid home/console gimmick to take your games anywhere. See? This is a horribly written article, clearly no research was done prior.

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