6 Things You Can Do With Your Nintendo Switch 

The video game industry and its platforms have evolved alongside technological developments. There are a variety of devices, including smartphones and computers, on which you may enjoy playing games. You can also play games on other platforms, such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. You can play games on it while docked to a TV, or you can take it on the go and use it as a portable gaming system. Additionally, you may choose from the classic, OLED, or Lite version of this product. 

With over a hundred million units sold, it’s reasonable to conclude that this video game system has become increasingly widespread. Yet some consumers are unaware they can use their Nintendo Switch for much more than just games. 

The following are some examples of what you can do with your Nintendo Switch: 


Play Games From Different Regions 

This hybrid gaming console allows you to play various games. You can play pokémon games on switch, Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, etc. 

While this is true, Nintendo Switch also gives you access to games that are exclusively sold in other regions. This is crucial since you never know when a regional deal could be in a game you’ve been eyeing. 

If you wish to change the system’s default region, go to the ‘region’ section of the settings menu. 

Once you log in, you’ll be able to visit the appropriate eShop for that location and begin trying out demos and full games from that locale. 


Toggle The TV On 

Switch, as the name suggests, may turn on your television. This is especially useful if you frequently forget where you put the remote control. This function may also be used to amaze your friends and family. 

You may press the home button on the Joy-Con to manually switch on the TV. Otherwise, the system will do it automatically when you power it up. 

However, you must check the Switch’s compatibility with your television. 

And as an added convenience, you may disable this function anytime. You may easily power it off by selecting the menu and TV Settings, then Match TV Power State. 


Find Lost Joy-Cons 

Should one of your Joy-Cons go missing, there’s no need to freak out just yet. To help you track down your missing Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch has implemented a function that uses an audible buzzing sound. 

Any time you need to locate a controller, you should go to the main menu on your home screen and press the gray Controllers button. 


Charge Other Devices 

Even though the Switch’s battery only has a limited life (a few hours at most), it may still be used as a portable power source.  

Suppose you don’t have access to electrical outlets and find yourself without a portable charger. In that case, you can always use your Nintendo Switch to top off your phone’s juice.  

You should attach a cable to the outlet and another to your phone, and you’re all set. Your phone is currently charged and ready for use.  

However, remember that it won’t charge your battery to 100%. But as people often say: a little goes a long way. 


Plug In Keyboard Or Headset 

The USB port on the Nintendo Switch is the same as those on other devices. That’s why it’s compatible with various peripherals, including keyboards and audio systems. 

You can enter your login information and other data while the keyboard is connected. You can’t use this for gaming, though. Additionally, you may utilize Bluetooth functionality or plug in your headphones. 


Use Controllers With Other Devices 

Aside from the standard USB port, Nintendo Switch also uses a standard Bluetooth controller. This means you may use it with any other Bluetooth-enabled gadget, such as a smartphone or PC. 

Generally, it works with Android smartphones but is not compatible with Apple. Nonetheless, you can use your Joy-cons as fantastic smartphone controllers. 



Several amazing games are available for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, it has a range of features that make it compatible with various other tools. For one, you may use the Joy-Con controllers to link up with other devices, such as a computer or smartphone. It also has a USB connector that you may use to charge your phone. 

Furthermore, you can use it to plug in your keyboard or headphones. And luckily, this console enables you to play games that are exclusively available in specific regions. Lastly, you may impress your friends or family by turning on the TV with your Switch.

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