Tier list for Multiversus characters

    Looking for an interesting game to play you are often obsessed with the thought that it will be some thrilling experience with magnificent characters and marvelous tricks to do. Other people like the plot most which make them appreciate the atmosphere and more deep things. But when you talk about the battle-based platformer, you prioritize other points first of all. It’s a rare case to meet some platformer where the characters would have a gradation of power levels but stay interchangeable… But Multiversus best characters are more about this point. Wanna learn why? Follow the line!

    General info about Multiversus

    Multiversus is a game that was released on July 2022 by Warner Bros. company. They own most of the characters that appear in this piece. The main thing to remember is that Multiversus presents the most recognizable characters in the same setting, making them fight with each other and even create teams for battles. The crossovers are pretty unexpected – would you not be surprised to see Superman and Arya Stark fighting? All the characters are selected by this principle to make the combinations the most outstanding possible. 

    Respectively to this main principle, the abilities of the heroes are also very diverse and unlike each other. At first sight, it may seem that such diversity only brings chaos to the gameplay, but here surprise awaits you – the balance of powers is nearly perfect, according to the Mobalytics estimation.

    The Mobalytics rate

    To understand better what it is about, let’s introduce Mobalytics. It is a source that provides readers and users with analytical information about the games that are now popular or newly launched. They have several focuses of work:

    • maintaining and developing the tool for tracking and analyzing the gaming activities in particular games;
    • holding a blog, where the team posts additional information about the games they help track activities in or on other topics that refer to other relevant events. 

    Thus, the tier list created by Mobalytics for the Multiversus belongs to uncategorized articles. But it contains sufficient information to get a clearer idea of what the game is, and how to start it. 

    Making it clearer with the description

    If to look closer at the Mobalytics tier list article, we will pay attention to:

    • background description;
    • the informative image that has all the conventional signs needed to transmit the main message;
    • the commentary to the image that helps extend the designed things and make them more understandable.

    The description gives short information about why some characters are assigned to one tier or another. But the main thesis you need to pay attention to is that this rating is quite subjective and everything can change depending on your playing style and other approach peculiarities. 

    Multiversus attracted much attention and often needs to be explained, particularly for people who do not have much experience with games. But it remains available to handle from any point, and the main thing is to determine the set of characters it is better to start with to have the best experience. And Mobalytics is here to help you!


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