6 Reasons To Play The London System

    For a long time, the London system was considered an unconventional strategy in chess. However, with the master-class players using the setup to beat their opponents in crucial games, the system gained a lot of popularity. Moreover, the ease of learning and playing it in the game makes it one of the top strategies for players.

    In this article, we will go through the top reasons to learn, play and opt for the London system while playing the game against your opponents at different levels.

    Top Reasons To Opt For The London System

    1.      Easy To Play & Learn

    One of the best things about the London System is that it is pretty easy to remember and play. You don’t need to remember the forced lines to opt for this opening while progressing through the game. You can easily memorize the places of the pieces and follow the plans of the strategy. Moreover, there are fewer counters available for the Black to plot against it.

    2.      Safe And Solid System

    With the London system, you can keep the King in a safe position and maintain the natural positions of all the other pieces. This strategy makes it challenging for the opponent to seek a way to create any complication. It is a good choice to open the game, especially against tactical players.

    Moreover, it gives you a comfortable option to opt for when you find yourself in a sharp position in the game.

    3.      Comes In Different Variations

    Another perk of the London system is the availability of variations within the system. The system gives you the choice to play aggressively against some opponents and or maintain positions to restrict the options of your opponent.

    The resourceful system allows you to come up with several ideas as you advance in the game with your rival. You can plan different plans and surprise your opponent with a unique combination.

    4.      A Good Option At All Levels

    The London system can be learned and played at all levels of chess. Beginners can learn it quickly and use it in games to opt for safe opening. The players at the club level can frustrate the opponent using this system.

    The master-level players can use the opening with a unique combination to win crucial games. Magnus Carlsen used the system in his games to beat some of the best players in the world, which elevated the popularity of the strategy.

    5.      Unpleasant Strategy For Opponents


    Generally, opponents wish to win against you with sharp and witty counterattacks. On the contrary, if you open with the London system, they have to tackle a boring setup. With the correct plan and combination of the system, you can trouble your opponent to even strive for a draw in the game.

    6.      Universal Setup Against Everything

    Last but not least, the London system can be used against all the setups of the Blacks. You can use some unique setups, but the London system comes with a universal setup that can counter the Black’s several variations.

    Final Verdict

    Here are some of the top reasons to opt for the London system. It is a top choice for several players in the world. You can learn all the typical pawn positions, expand your knowledge base, and improve your overall understanding of chess.


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