6 Best Combat Focused Video Games

    Combat titles have long held sway with staunch video gaming fans, and there continues to be a slew of new games that roll off the production line. Indeed, modern warfare games are all the rage, and while fans are required to have a great deal of patience to master them, there is something rather satisfactory when it comes to completing a title. There are of course many titles that fall into the category of undeniable classics, and some have made a big impact over a short period. Let’s take a closer look at six of our favorite combat video games of all time, and reveal what makes them so special to play.

    Elden Ring

    A highly immersive title, Elden Ring warrants a spot in our celebrated list. This action role-playing combat game takes place in a new and original fantasy world, and there are various types of characters that gamers can assume, such as a swordsman and a sorcerer. Inherently, there is something magical about this title and it contains an abundance of cool features for players to enjoy, and the graphics are very realistic in terms of the game’s environment and the facial expressions of the characters. It is simply unmissable if you are into challenging action RPG titles.

    Call of Duty

    We couldn’t possibly curate a list of amazing combat games without mentioning Call of Duty. COD has produced many incredible titles that have redefined and revitalised the combat genre — that includes fan favourites like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Black Ops. A best-selling franchise, COD’s influence hasn’t just been limited to the video gaming arena. The franchise has become popular within the esports community too. You can take a quick glance at new betting sites like Picklebet in Australia and quickly be able to locate COD in its extensive esports betting library.

    Halo 3

    Evolving the sci-fi theme, Halo 3 is an undoubted classic that moved the needle for first-person shooter games. Set in the same universe as the other Halo titles, Halo 3 provides variation with the combat equipment supplied, and that includes an AIE-486H heavy machine gun. You can effortlessly customize your FPS experience, and this game, which was originally available on Xbox 360 has become available on Windows and more modern Xbox platforms. There have been some tweaks over the years to Halo which has enhanced the overall playing experience.

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

    Based on the movie, Riddick is cast as the anti-hero. Escape from Butcher Bay, which first made its way onto the Xbox back in 2004, is a first-person shooter affair, and the gameplay loop features some incredible combat scenes. Arguably, it is a significant upgrade on the movie, and for those who want to recreate the special moments, this game is a must buy.

    Mortal Kombat

    Although this has more of a Tekken or Street Fighter feel to it, Mortal Kombat won’t just be for those who get a kick out of ultra-violent games. If anything, there is something robust about this title, and everything comes together in this title which is more subtle than you might expect it to be.

    PUBG Battlegrounds

    Developed by Krafton, Player Unknown: Battlegrounds (known simply as PUBG Battlegrounds) deserves a mention. While COD is great for multiplayer, the sprawling maps are a cornerstone of PUBG. As an alternative to Warzone, PUBG is one of the most recognized battle royal games out there, and it is very gritty. It is a fight-to-the-death kind of game that will keep you enthralled.  

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