6 Awesome Accessories for Laptop Gamers

    We all have our preferred gaming platforms and while consoles were busy stepping up their game (no pun intended) PC’s and laptops were doing the exact same thing. Companies like Xidax and Alienware have taken PC gaming to the next level. It’s not just about the PC you own, however. You need the right tools in your tool box and the right accessories to enhance your gaming experience. There’s a slew of accessories out there and sometimes they don’t always hit the mark. That’s why I’ve developed this list that includes some of the best accessories for laptop and PC gamers.

    1. Logitech G19 Keyboard

                This keyboard is perfect when in a dark place, that’s because of the illuminated keys. A standard keyboard will not do for serious gamers and a lot of good ones don’t come with as many customizable features as we’d like. The G19 addresses all of those problems and more. It is an extended keyboard with G-keys to the left and they are all one hundred percent tailored to you. You can change them for each game if you want! The back lighting color is even able to be changed. The cherry on top is the mini screen at the top of the keyboard that can be programmed to show you whatever you need to see whether it be your bullets or a walk-through.

    1. Logitech Flight System

    This flight system is one of the best out there. It is designed for comfort and realism. It has force feedback technology and joystick that vibrates to let you feel turbulence and g-force. These technologies really come together to make the flight experience feel real. There are four components to this system. You have a throttle, joystick and pedals. At the base of the throttle there are light up buttons that can be programmed for whatever you need.

    1. Razer Hydra

    The Razer Hydra not only looks cool but it’s the first motion sensing game controller for the PC. Console gamers have been spoiled with motion sensing over the years and now it’s coming to PC gaming. It’s a very low latency response so when you tell your characters to do something they’re going to listen. It comes with two wand like controllers and a sensor that sits on a base that can either be moved around or attached to your computer. For it being one of the first out, the Hydra was really well received and came with few complaints.

    1. Razer Nostromo

    This is a single hand game pad. It get’s rid of the standard bulky keyboard and replaces it with a game pad that can be operated with hand and fits that hand ergonomically. It has a wrist pad designed for elevation and comfort so that you reach it’s hyper sensitive, programmable keys with ease. There’s a thumb pad off to one side that allows for easy and controlled movements. The programmable keys are an 8 way directional game pad that is small enough for the average sized hand to rest comfortably and be able to reach all keys.

    1. Cyborg amBX

    It’s a little hard to figure out what the Cyborg is at a first glance. Some gamers may consider it out of place and not really useful but for those who want a fully immersive experience, they may consider this an asset. The Cyborg is a set of lights you hook to your PC or lap top and set out. The lights change depending on the lighting in the game. If it’s bright and sunny out the Cyborg with fill your room with a bright, sunny light. If it goes dark the lights will dim or shut off completely. This is for any lighting you’ll encounter in any game.

    1. Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

    The Logitech headset is one of the best out there by far. It’s excellent for mulitplayer gaming because it has the ability to cancel out any white nose both through the headset and through the microphone. You aren’t going to hear anything you don’t want to and your friends aren’t going to hear anything you don’t want them to. It’s wireless, of course and features surround sound. What more could you want in a headset?


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