5 of the Best Ultrawide Monitors to Buy in 2017

Whilst some might think that we are heading in a direction of compact hardware, monitors still have the upper hand against built in displays, find our top 5 choice of ultrawide monitors below:

  1. Acer Predator X34

A solidly built gaming monitor from one of the most popular electronics corporations, which also has a sleek design, it is still standing strong against its competitors. With 100% sRGB coverage and a whopping 34-inch curved monitor, it can effortlessly immerse you in the gaming universe.

Best for: Gaming


The Acer Predator X34 is a 34-inch monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a magnificent IPS panel. The resolution sits at 3440 x 1440 and it has SRGB 100% colour support.

G-Sync / Freesync Technology: G-sync


  • anti-fatigue blue light filter
  • elegant screen curvature which boosts gaming immersion
  • 100million:1 contrast ratio


  • limited ports
  • takes up a lot of space

Lowest Price: £839.99


  1. ASUS Rog Swift PG27AQ

Another Taiwanese creation that is incredibly suited for gaming. The combination of the IPS LCD panel and G-Sync technology make for well-defined visuals that are delivered without stutter or tear. Its classy elegance makes it one of the most commonly known monitor choices for pro gamers who like to couple fantastic image quality with sophistication. The ASUS Rog Swift PG27AQ displays 4K resolution and has a 6-Hz refresh rate which is on the low side for most hard-core gamers, but only marginally.

Best for: Gaming


The ASUS Rog Swift PG27AQ features a 4K/UHD resolution and IPS technology. The 27-inch screen boosts a 3840 x 2160 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Though not the largest ultrawide monitor it gets the job done, and done well.

G-Sync / Freesync Technology: G-sync


  • Ergonomic fully adjustable design


  • Some complaints of backlight bleed issues

Lowest Price: £707.95


  1. Dell U3417W

A slick, curved design from the reputable makers at Dell. This monitor is aimed mainly at professionals, with its abundance of extra features and is clearly superior to its predecessor the U3415W. It has an impressive 1,900R curvature and could effectively replace a dual monitor setup. The IPS panel delivers outstanding colour and high-end visual performance as well as displaying great greyscale performance.

Best for: Professionals


The Dell (Ultrasharp) U3417W has a 34-inch curved widescreen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and 109ppi.

G-Sync / Freesync Technology: None


  • 5 ms response time in fast mode and a 60 Hz refresh rate
  • High curvature to further improve professional productivity


  • Input lag, not suited for heavy gamers

Lowest Price: £694.74


  1. LG 38UC99-W

If money is no object then look no further than the LG 38UC99-W, an imposing display that will dominate your desk and fulfil every digital expectation of a prosumer. Predominantly known as a gaming display, it uses an IPS panel and AMD’s FreeSync technology to produce a flawless visual performance, while also featuring an effective Bluetooth audio system.

Best for: Those who with a little more cash to spare

Display: The LG 38UC99 has an immense 38 inch, curved, 3840 x 1600 pixel display. The aspect ratio is 21:9, though the curvature of the screen doesn’t make the display look too condensed. With an sRGB of 99% and a curve radius of 2300R, it stands tall (no pun intended) among our selection.

G-Sync / Freesync Technology: Freesync


  • supports LG’s 1ms Motion Blur Reduction
  • Bluetooth connectivity for external audio


  • though equal in size, it is not as versatile as having dual monitors
  • large price-tag

Lowest Price: £1,550


  1. LG 34UM68-P

In contrast to the LG 38UC99, the LG 34UM68-P is quality on a budget. With a price tag of under £350, this gives gamers and professionals alike, a monitor that offers visual satisfaction at an affordable cost. The AMD’s FreeSync technology eliminates tearing and motion stutter and its picture settings, power buttons, modes and volume are adjustable through a four-way joystick.

Best for: Those who want quality on a budget


The LG 29UM68-P is a 34 inch ultrawide monitor that boasts sRGB accuracy of over 99%, it has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and resolution of 2560 x 1080.

G-Sync / Freesync Technology: Freesync


  • On-screen control with screen split
  • Black stabilizer and dynamic action sync, great for gamers


  • Lightweight plastic frame material

Lowest Price: £335

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