5 Best Free games that You Can Play on MSN

    The free games space is reducing very quickly all around the globe. The reason is the fact that if you want the best services than you have to be willing to pay something for them. Great things come at a great cost. However, there are still websites that have free games. The free games aren’t enough if they aren’t any good. Finding a good free game isn’t a cake walk either. Usually, players don’t care about whether gaming is paid or free for them if it is interesting. A good game is the one which is thoughtful and has a well-crafted game play with a good storyline. However, MSN is one of the platforms which have free online games. It has quite a wide range of free games for download and you can also play a wide range of online games. In the article below we shall discuss some of the best free games that you should be considering.

    Text Twist 2

    It is one of the most popular word games. It is a sequel to a very famous word game which was named Twist. This version has some of the very unique ways that can engage you for hours. It has five modes that you can choose from, this is where it gets interesting and it attracts a wide range of audience to the game. this is such an amazing game to test your vocabulary and your ability to spot patterns.

    Barn Yarn

    This is a game that became an addiction for me in recent months. The game is developed by Playrix entertainment which already has its name in the gaming industry. This game involves simple but interesting things like you need to search for the objects so that you can sell them. The idea is to generate enough points that Grandpa Joe needs on his farm. The prices can increase and decrease depending upon how effectively and quickly you can sort out the things.

    Bejewelled 3

    This is a game that can be played by any age group because there are no violent or sexual content in the game play but it is not a multi-player game. The game is centred around swapping coloured gems. The game modes in the previous generations are followed in the game with some added twists that takes your experience on a different level. The quality of music and the graphics has been improved massively that adds to the fun in the game.


    Well I simply couldn’t miss on a quality board-game in the list. The Backgammon is an amazing variant of one of the oldest board games. The smooth performance of the game that is coupled with such beautiful graphics are really surprising, considering the fact that this is actually a board game. the three level of difficulty has been well thought and well designed. If I am ever playing an online board game, I would surely be playing this one


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