5 Best Casino Games to Play In 2022; Play smart

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. After scrutinizing the truism, we think the statement missed out on the quintessential aspects. If you lose all your money in Vegas, debt will follow you. A beginner’s horror show is losing all its money on the first try.

    The cold realization that the house edge surpasses their winning chances pits them against gambling. Gambling has the potential to make you some lucrative cash and also drain all your assets. While you need a chest trove of luck and skill, hitting the tables while playing some games increases your chances of matching up to the house edge or beating it.

    If you want to make money, you need to play games with the lowest house edge. This article succinctly presents the five best casino games to play if you don’t want to lose your cash. We’ve handpicked games that have proven to increase the payout in the past. No guarantees you will win, but you certainly won’t lose all your hard-earned cash.

    1. Craps

    Many veteran gamblers will tell you the secret to winning at the tables is playing longer to catch up to the house edge. Craps is one of those games that prolong your wager time and has a 50% probability of winning. Crap depends on the shooter’s hand as they roll the dice. You can place a pass-line wager on the shooter to win or lose. Alternatively, you can bet on the shooter rolling a dice other than their number. You need a strategy that might flounder miserably if you get it wrong in both circumstances.

    The significant merit is that craps have 98.59% Return to Player (RTP), meaning you can recoup your losses up to 98.58% of your wager amount. The only drawback is you can’t win life-changing cash at a table of craps. If you spot a crowd hollering at dice, there’s a crap game going on.

    2. Blackjack

    The blackjack game’s odds are relatively even. You have a 49% probability of winning if you possess a desirable skillet of card counting. Blackjack is those games you would strategize to win and actually win. However, the casino sharks may throw you out if you exceed expectations.

    Blackjack games have variations. In classic or blackjack online, you play against the dealer to get to number 21 without going overboard to win. However, you may tie with the dealer in shady blackjack sites and not win if you don’t get 21. It is daylight robbery, but casinos are sore losers and wouldn’t part with their buck that easily. Brushing your card counting skill and employing different strategies allows you to leverage the 99.72% RTP.

    3. Poker

    “Put your poker face on, and if you are feeling lucky, you may walk out with more money than you came in.” Typically a similar phrase is what you would find at a platform inviting you to play poker. Casinos place lithe-bodied chickas to tend the poker table to seal the deal. You’d better steer clear as a novice unless you want to understudy an expert player.

    Poker is a game of skill rather than gambling. Efficient use of your card skills, reading the room, and coupled with quick adaptation to bad bets will win you games. Not many games offer you a 99.72% RTP and a 0.28 % house edge.

    Naturally, you get better with time while playing poker. Leveraging established talents insights and a substantial bankroll to back you will have you excelling at the table. Except to hear names like Texas and Omaha on your first trial. You’ll realize they are not state names within the poker table parlance with time.

    4. Roulette

    There are many variants to roulette, but all offer fair chances of winning. The odds of winning stand at 50%. However, the odds vary considerably depending on the roulette type and the casino.

    In a typical roulette game, the wheel has 38 numbers, and a croupier (roulette dealer) spins the wheel. You win a bet if the ball falls on the number you chose. You can also pick a range, say 1-12 but scale down your odds.

    Roulette odds against you vary from 36-1 to 39-1, depending on the zeros the game uses. The house edge increases to 5.26 for the American Roulette wheel using zero and a double zero. Established gamblers know when to walk away discreetly after earning some profit to try their luck at other games.

    5. Baccarat

    Despite the unpronounceable name, baccarat is at par with craps. You stand a fair chance of winning baccarat if you bet on the banker. Don’t bet on the player to get a tie if you love your money (we all do). The banker’s hand wins 51% of the time. Ties win 9.6% of the time.

    Baccarat provides value for money, and you won’t incur significant losses on the luck-dependent game. Albeit there is a minute use of skill while playing. You can recoup losses up to 98% after playing for a while.

    However, be cautious of side bets. Aide bets offer you increased betting options other than the three main ones. Side bets can considerably eat into your profit and generate it in equal measure. Expert baccarat players have better odds of winning gambling side bets.

    Games to quickly lose your money

    There are those games in online or physical casinos to steer clear regardless of skill and luck. We are not saying you may not win, but the odds are highly stacked against you. The games have a high house edge and will only drain your bankroll in the long run. Casino games to be apprehensive of playing include:

    · Keno

    · Wheel of fortune

    · Sic Bo

    · Other slot machine games


    Gambling cuts both ways. It can generate lucrative profits or drain your account. The games above have the highest winning odds and favorable RTPs. Yes, the house always has an edge, but you stand a better chance of winning with these games than other casino games. Always have a gambling budget and game responsibly. Seek professional help if you suspect you have a gambling addiction.


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