4 ways to get free gold in the World of Tanks

    Gold is one of the two primary currencies in the World of Tanks, a multiplayer shooter game enabling gamers to control authentic tanks from the 20th century and fight in battles.

    If you have already played the game, you are aware that you need a stellar strategy and appropriate equipment to win and progress in the game.

    Gold can significantly improve your gaming experience and facilitate winning. It allows you to purchase Premium Tanks, vehicle slots, certain consumables, Premium Account, or Improved Pass.

    Unfortunately, the most common way to earn gold is by paying for it with real money in the Premium store.

    Luckily, there are a few special ways to get free gold in the World of Tanks. Let’s look closer at 3 of them.

    1# MillionPugs browser extension

    MillionPugs is a free-to-use cashback platform for gamers, allowing them to get in-game content in exchange for shopping online.

    How is this possible?

    MillionPugs partners with almost 2000 different brands. These companies have prepared special deals for MillionPugs users awarding them with reward points, called pugs™, when they shop online at their stores.

    Pugs™ can be later redeemed for in-game rewards for World of Tanks and other games. Afterwards, you can simply activate the earned content in the game using a code.


    What in-game content for World of Tanks can I get?

    MillionPugs is expanding their offer adding new games and brushing up on available in-game content. The list of items you can get can slightly change over time with new items added to the list.

    As for now, for the World of Tanks, you can get, for example:

    • different amounts of gold – up to 7500,
    • credit boosters,
    • Premium Tanks,
    • Premium Account,
    • packs with various equipment.


    How to use MillionPugs?

    The best way to use the cashback platform is to install the MillionPugs browser extension.

    It is a free-of-charge and quick-to-install plugin that will facilitate you using the service and speed up the process of collecting points.

    The MillionPugs browser extension activates only when you land on any of the affiliated brands informing you about available deals with pugs™. From there, you can activate the chosen deal with just one click and, after you finalize the transaction, you will see the promised points on your MillionPugs account.

    Consequently, using the plugin saves up the time you would have to spend on browsing the offers on the MillionPugs site and removes the risk of missing out on opportunities to get reward points.


    2# Bootcamp missions

    Gold cannot be earned in Standard gameplay through Standard missions or Random battles. Nevertheless, there are a few special in-game options to get gold in the World of Tanks.

    Let’s start with Bootcamps that can equip you not only with gold, but also other valuable items such as rare tanks or key cards.

    Bootcamps are like tank schools, but with prizes awarded for completing challenges and missions. They offer multiple types of missions in multiplayer and cooperative battles. Once you participate and win, you are rewarded with gold and other in-game rewards.


    3# Tournaments missions

    Standard missions don’t grant gold. Nevertheless, there are also special types  of missions that occur during special events, like weekend or week-long tournaments, where usually all players can participate.

    Such events occur regularly and they invite gamers to actively participate by completing missions, like, for example, Daily Missions. Winning contestants can get prizes such as gold, Premium Account, consumables, or Tanks.


    4# Ranked battles

    Ranked battles are also a method of getting gold, but also Premium Account, equipment, personal reserves, or garage slots.

    They are seasonal competitive events where the strongest tankers compete in battles. There is a matchmaker who assembles teams by splitting them based on skill levels. In the course of action, contestants progress with Ranks and Divisions. The best ones finally level up to the Prize League where they are rewarded with prizes.

    All in all, gold is a precious resource in the World of Tanks allowing you to equip with Premium tanks, Improved Pass, or up your game with Premium account. Usually it is purchased in a Premium store package, but there are other effective ways to get free gold in the World of Tanks.

    One of the most effortless options is using the MillionPugs browser extension and getting gold for shopping online. Nonetheless, you can also make use of in-game possibilities such as completing Bootcamp and tournaments lmissions granting gold, or participating in Ranked battles.


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