3 ways to get Plex on EVE online

    EVE Online is a special community-driven spaceship MMORPG that has been on the market for almost 20 years. Despite the fierce competition and an ever-growing gaming industry, it is still competitive and attracts large numbers of players worldwide.

    EVE allows exploration and combat in space on an enormous or small scale in PvP and PvE battles, gathering resources of various kinds, producing goods, having access to a large interstellar market, and more.

    To fully explore the game and make it more exciting, you need resources to purchase new ships, modules, or Skill injectors.

    You are able to buy it with a currency called Plex.

    The most intuitive method of getting Plex is to purchase it with real money. Nevertheless, Plex’s price is not the lowest one and not all players can afford to purchase a lot.

    Moreover, the price of Plex is highly dependent on supply, demand and vendor. Luckily, there are smart ways to get Plex on EVE online for free.


    Let’s look at 3 ways to get Plex on EVE Online


    MillionPugs browser extension

    Using the MillionPugs browser extension is a special outside-game method of getting Plex. By taking advantage of it, you can also earn other content for EVE Online and various different games effortlessly and almost for free.

    MillionPugs cooperates with over 850 different stores that enable their customers to collect rewards points called pugs™ once they make purchases at their sites.

    The great part about MillionPug is that it is very likely that you already purchase products or services in a few affiliated stores. Therefore, you don’t even have to change your shopping habits to use the service.

    If you install the MillionPugs browser extension, every time you land in one of the listed stores, the plugin will automatically display a popup about available deals with pugs™ you can activate.

    Once you collect a sufficient number of pugs™, you can exchange them for Plex, Omega and other in-game content for EVE online.

    Summing up, using the MillionPugs browser extension is a painless and simple way to get Plex for EVE Online.

    Nevertheless, there are also other in-game techniques allowing you to earn Plex.

    C5 dread krabbing

    One of the best methods of earning ISK and, consequently, Plex is dread krabbing.

    In order to do dread krabbing the most efficiently, you should stick to C5 space with over 500 potential holes you can choose from instead of barely over 100 in C6 space. For 5 holes you can get 180-250 M ISK per hour.

    The majority of your moves will be to ensure that you are well-positioned to shoot battleships as soon as they appear in orbit.

    You should check on the web what bookmarks are beneficial when setting up. After that, you should warp:

    • two-cap gun dread which will shoot every Sleeper battleship when they want to reach orbit,
    • HAW dread which will shoot every ship if they manage to hit the orbit.

    Although for beginners it may seem complicated, dread krabbing is known as one of the easiest methods of earning ISK in EVE online.

    Afterwards, you can trade Plex for ISK which makes dread krabbing another effective way of getting Plex.

    Missions running

    Last but not least, another profitable way to get Plex in EVE online is running missions.

    It is one of the most popular activities in the game. Although barriers to entry are low, missioning requires a lot of skills and experience to master.

    Therefore, in order to plex your account with missions running, you need to have a certain amount of prowess at playing in order not to burn yourself out.

    Summing up, purchasing Plex for real money is a simple and intuitive way, but not the best way to get Plex. There are other equally effective methods that don’t require you to dip into your savings.

    One of the most effortless ways to get Plex is using the MillionPugs service, allowing you to collect points exchangeable for in-game content like Plex. Nevertheless, there are also in-game methods such as running missions for more experienced players or doing dread krabbing, which is known as one of the easiest in-game ways to get Plex.


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