10 Awesome Things To Do in GTA 3

    Even if you don’t particularly care for sandbox shooters which clearly glorify overt criminal behavior(s), you have to admit – Grand Theft Auto III pretty much changed the face of video gaming forever. Its relatively simple outward appearance though (i.e. – run around, destroy, drive and complete missions) harbors all sorts of possibilities, some of which you might not have previously even considered. Trying to piece together a list of the “best” things to do could be called impossible given the deviation in everyone’s particular tastes. So instead we offer these “awesome” suggestions instead, enjoy…


    Complete the game to 100%

    One of the most obvious goals to set for yourself in GTA 3 is to reach 100% completion. For a lot of people, this is going to be a bit more difficult than first imagined. However, if you are able to follow through and actually pull it off, you’ll have an amazing grip on nearly every area of the game and will probably find many additional things to do as well.

    Steal a Banshee

    For all intents and purposes, the Banshee is basically a rip-off of an old Dodge Viper, a favored sports car of many aficionados out there. Many will likely drive past a dealership seeing the car inside and think that it cannot be attained. Quite obviously, as this is an auto theft oriented title, the exact opposite could be claimed true. Basically, it glitters like a diamond just waiting to be plucked away.

    Blow up stuff with the RC car

    The RC bandit is a nifty little vehicle that you can actually have a lot of fun with. Naturally, the accompanying missions are great but many might just discard trying to do different things with it. For instance, you can use it to punish gang members, explode opposing forces when your wanted level increases, or (because it is tiny) use it to get into hidden areas. Pulling off trick jumps with it could also be a distinct possibility.

    Turn the tables completely with Vigilante missions

    Jump into a police cruiser and you can take on the various vigilante side missions / activities. Actually, this is a lot more fun than it might sound at first, largely because you can get pretty creative with criminal disposal if you have the mind for it. Of course, if you’re going to be attempting 100% completion then you’re definitely going to have to complete these missions at some time, just a little fyi there.

    Crush cars (at the junkyard)

    Just riding over to the car crusher in Harwood, Portland and rendering vehicles into tiny little cubes is a lot of fun. Watching the enormous machine compact stuff is strangely fulfilling. Even better, you can also drive it into position with passengers still inside, which of course means that they will be killed.

    “Car Surfing”

    You’ve probably done this already, but if not, give it a try. Simply jump up on top of a vehicle and see how long you can stay afloat before crashing to the ground. If the driver panics you’re going to be in for a very wild ride, obviously. It’s also a lot of fun to do this and fire a barrage of bullets into the front driving area, allowing you to take on the persona of your typical action star who boldly and violently commandeers a vehicle.

    Start a fire and steal the fire truck

    Start a fire in any way and you can alert the attention of the local firefighters. One of the fringe benefits of this is that it will allow you an opportunity to make off with their large fire truck. Not only are there a number of things you can do with it, like spraying people with the attached hose, but there are also specific missions in which it can be used as well. Needless to say, these missions can be a bit frantic, which is why they’re a lot of fun. Note* – completing said firefighter missions is required for 100% game completion.

    Rig a vehicle to explode and toy with criminals

    In GTA III there are three different places to rig up a car bomb:

    • Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale
    • Harwood, Portland Island
    • Newport, Staunton Island

    While you probably already know this from engaging the missions which require you to do this, what you might not know is that you can do other things with it. For instance, street criminals love to jack your favorite rides, right? Well, use this situation to your advantage, set up a trap then sit back and watch them go up in flames. Naturally, there are many other possibilities as well, so just get creative.

    Pull off the “tunnel trick”

    The so-called “tunnel trick” or glitch allows you to access blocked off areas before they become unlocked. This is useful because it can allow you to access certain weapons or goodies before completing certain missions, etc. Just grab an ambulance, back it up onto the left side of the tunnel entrance (where the blue dividers are) so that the front is facing outward and the back is flush with the wall. Then, climb onto the front of the vehicle and on up to the top where you can then go through the ceiling (clipping), jumping over the lower wall from there. Once on top follow the path all the way to the end as it curves. From here you’ll fall off into the wild blue yonder and a message should pop up saying “Welcome to Staunton Island”.

    Go look at the hidden sign

    This one is an easter egg… It is a hidden sign with a special message that lies in the most southwestern section of Bedford point. Grab a vehicle like the ice cream truck, head into a slightly reclusive parking lot located adjacent to the street and mostly hidden. Then, climb up on top and jump the wall (see the video link for specific directions and details).


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