• 6 Of The Best Graphics In iOS Gaming Apps

    It wasn’t such a long time ago that in order to play games at their best, you needed a high-end computer with a really expensive graphics card installed in order to play the latest games. But nowadays with the advances of technology, chip manufacturers can make CPUs and GPUs so small they can easily fit inside a mobile phone or tablet computer! Thanks to the PowerVR graphics processing unit as well as a beefy CPU and an amount of RAM to complement such specifications, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad can handle games with graphics capabilities that only a few years ago would never have been possible on mobile or handheld devices. Check out these 6 iOS games that…

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  • Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse 6400Dpi Review

    Looking a bit like something you might find on a star cruiser, the R.A.T. 9 wireless gaming mouse is a peripheral device that’s so packed with features that it’s difficult for some to believe.  Mad Catz is promoting this gaming mouse as an “evolution” or next step, and they’re at least partially right; a quick and simple glance reveals a bevy of buttons and customizable aspects which are both quite useful as well as incredibly cool.  Likewise, the unit is wireless (as clearly indicated), so using it is a very “freeing” experience too (and don’t worry about batter life and recharging, it ships with two lithium-ion battery cells; the idea being, you use one while the other charges so that…

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