• FIFA 12 Review

    Although they’ve been around practically since the invention of the video game, sports games remain a unique and curious lot.  Most video games are built in some part on the thrill of escapism, of sneaking out of our own rather boring existences and being something impossible: elite soldier; space explorer; treasure hunter; mild-mannered plumber perpetually tripping on really great mushrooms.  Most things you are in games, you are precisely because you’ll never be them in real life – you personally, or we as a species/civilization/global monoculture, lack the ability to do such things in real life.  Not so much with sports.  Sure, we can’t all be professional athletes, but you can get the meat of the experience kicking around a…

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  • Portal 2 Review

    Are you tired of the mindless drama that run of the mill video games present to you? If you are then you should try your hand at Portal 2. Portal 2 is one of the few games that gives the player a larger than life experience of video gaming. The setting of the game is simply amazing; no wonder the game is already a huge hit in the video game market. The initial version of the game was so captivating that at one point in it became the most popular game in the video gaming circuit. In Portal 2 there is an expanded list of characters. Each of these characters has been equipped with the skills and the wits to…

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