Why Fantasy Games Are So Popular With Gamers

The fantasy genre is a staple among gamers whether their chosen medium is PC, console, mobile or online casino gaming. There are various established institutions of the fantasy genre that make for an instant winner – think Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars – as well as original ideas that are exclusive to gaming. In this article, find some great examples of fantasy games and explore what makes them so popular with players.

Escapism from the real world

Aside from entertainment and the pursuit of winning, one of the core functions of gaming is to take you out of your everyday life. Fantasy games often have rich storylines, engaging and immersive worlds, compelling video game characters and opportunities to progress gradually. Fantasy RPGs like the Final Fantasy Series or Shadow of Mordor are superb examples of this.

The immense feeling of power provided

Another key element of fantasy games, relating to that need for escapism, is that it enables the player to feel a sense of having extraordinary power. Games like Fable or The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim allow the player to wield fantastic combat abilities and even superhuman powers, which you can choose to use for both good and evil. This allows us to fulfil escapist desires both in terms of having those abilities and also what we do with them.

This also translates into allowing us to enter fantasy worlds that we have enjoyed in other mediums, like books or film. Some of the best examples include becoming a Jedi in Jedi: Fallen Order, playing as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series or swinging through the streets of New York as Spiderman. The opportunity to immerse ourselves further into these rich experiences is one of the great powers of fantasy games.

Continuing to be an enduring genre

Just like in books, comics, film and TV, the fantasy video game genres in gaming remain a popular and sought-after theme. It is arguably the most immersive genre for storytelling and can cross into the borders of sci-fi, with many sub-genres like sword and sorcery, fables, fairy tales, dark fantasy and superhero fiction. The fantasy genre offers something for everyone. The fantasy genre is the gift that keeps on giving, and all gamers like to be transported into an alternate reality from time to time.

Fantasy worlds are often filled with magic and adventure and this has become a popular feature of games at online casinos over the years too. Slot games like Pirate Pays, Book of Merlin, and Legend of the Ice Dragon, incorporate many elements of the fantasy genre. These iconic games from popular online casinos like Slotboss make for some interesting mechanics and design elements in slot gaming.

Dipping in and out of gaming reality

Fantasy games tend to come as RPGs or adventure games. There are some that are shooters or fighting games, but they still often possess character development elements that are common to RPGs. This is because we like to build and develop a character as we progress through the world, customising the experience to match our own preferences. This means the stories are long and we can dip in and out of them, much like a book.

This has the power to prolong our immersion into, and enjoyment of, the fantasy world. When we are off doing other things like studying, working or socialising, we may think or even talk about our progress in the game and what is to come. If we are enjoying a mobile game, like Genshin Impact or the Final Fantasy VII mobile game, we can dip back into our fantasy world at any time and place, deepening the ability to drop in and out at leisure.

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