Who are the biggest names in 3ICE’s inaugural season?

    The 3ICE hockey league is set to be one of the biggest innovations in ice hockey history. It is a three vs three hockey league which is a format that has grown in popularity over the years including the world’s premier competition, the National Hockey League.

    The 3ICE will be played in eight cities across Canada and the United States. Similar to the number of cities, eight teams will play in the league paired with some big names serving as the coaches.

    This league has ample support, even from different industries. For instance, online betting site Bitcasino teams up with esports team and a hockey team to help form this competitive league. The coaches will be huge because they will be the biggest names not playing in the league.

    Here are the coaches that you will see in the league:

    • Guy Carbonneau
    • Grant Fuhr
    • John LeClair
    • Joe Mullen
    • Larry Murphy
    • Bryan Trottier

    These names were all key members of the NHL during their careers which brings even more prestige to the 3ICE league. With that being said, let’s take a look at the biggest names who will play in the league.

    David Booth

    As 3ICE’s most prolific player, David Booth will be the one to watch in this league. He has a solid history to look back on as he played more than 500 games in the NHL. He was mainly known for his time with the Florida Panthers and he was a fan favourite for the franchise as he scored multiple goals and helped the team emerge as a top team.

    Booth himself stands at around six feet which means that he’s bigger than most of his opponents. This enables her to overpower his rivals as he has emerged as a well-rounded forward who can hit powerful shots. Despite his size, he is also a fast skater which will allow him to keep the puck and make the right play.

    Booth will be big for the 3ICE because he will be one of the quickest players in the league but you should also expect some powerful highlights from the former Panthers star. His team isn’t decided just yet but you should expect the coaches would love having Booth on their team as a focal point.

    Chris Bourque

    As a playmaking winger, Chris Bourque will be a top-tier star in the 3ICE league. He works hard and knows how to take advantage of his superior vision against the other top players in the league. He had an extensive career around the world as he played in different leagues. He shined mostly in the AHL but he will be a valuable asset here in 3ICE.

    He is not only a calm and calculated player but Bourque will be one to watch in this league because of how he creates highlight plays. He loves to push the puck with flashy moves but you can also rely on him to make the right play.

    The 3ICE league will have fun with Bourque as a member of one of the eight teams. In the three vs three format, someone like Bourque will thrive because he can play with free space and his vision will be his main weapon against fewer players.

    Chris Conner

    As an energetic player who relies on speed and skating ability, Chris Conner will be a fantastic addition to the 3ICE league. He will be a top star here because he plays with pace and space which is a good style to have in a three vs three league.

    Conner played across both the AHL and NHL but he truly shined when he was with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the late 2010s. He was one of the best playmakers in the AHL which was good for the league since there were only a few veterans who can truly teach the youngsters to be better playmakers in the future.

    These are just three players who can make a legitimate impact on the rink. The coaches will most likely be an attraction but you will stay for the phenomenal performances that these players will put on. The 3ICE league will most likely be a stellar competition and they are in good hands with the coaches and players who have been confirmed so far. The presentation has been good so far with the locations set to be packed with fans plus two musicians during the halftime shows.

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