What are neighbour bets in roulette?

Whether you are new to the fascinating and thrilling game of roulette or you like to get best of no deposit casino games, you will need to undergo a rigorous learning program prior to wagering on the spin of a wheel. Most importantly, you will need to understand the full range of bets at your disposal, from high-risk ‘inside bets’ on single numbers to cautious wagers that back odds or evens, red or back and even broad number ranges. In addition to this, it is also important to consider the rarer and less popular side bets, such as the mysterious ‘neighbour’ wager which is available throughout most formats of the game.


So what exactly is a neighbour bet? Essentially, it is a nine chip bet that covers numbers either side of the single zero groove, enabling you to wager on 17 digits in total. It is a relatively under-utilised bet, despite the fact that it gives players a broad coverage of the wheel that offers favourable winning odds of one in two. Often referred to as ‘Voisins du Zero Bet’ or ‘Neighbours of Zero’, it also has a variable option which allows players to place wagers on single numbers’ of their choosing with simple, straight-up bets.

This variation aside, the bet remains largely unchanged across all formats and adds a unique dimension to the roulette experience. It is particularly popular with players who pursue hot and cold sectors of the wheel, while it also offers the typical European roulette house edge of 2.7% and a relatively high probability of winning. Given these benefits, it is hard to imagine why this bet is not more widely applied, especially when you consider the wide variety of strategies and theories available to modern players in 2015.

Perhaps the biggest issue with this bet is its relative obscurity and complexity, as this prevents players from understanding its true nature and utilising it to its fullest potential during the heat of battle. There is also a similar and comparatively simple wager that offers even broader coverage of the wheel (red or black), and this is far more appealing to the majority of players. Above all else, this type of wager is little more than a supplementary bet, which offers players an opportunity to mix-up their strategy and add a new dimension to gameplay.



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